New design approved for Tulare County flag

Flag will be sold to county governmental agencies and will be on display at 33 different locations

By Jermaine Johnson II

TULARE COUNTY – Tulare will be soon be one of 26 counties in California to have a county flag. 

Last Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors approved changes to the flag’s design which were previously approved in July 2019. The changes include a higher quality material and darker color that is closer to navy. The board also voted against selling the flag to the public and will limit selling to county governmental agencies. 

When the board first approved the design of the flag last year, they also adopted a Tulare County flag policy. It was meant to formalize the raising or lowering of the flag in addition to the U.S. flag and the California flag. The County flag will join the other two flags on display at all major county facilities. That includes the board chambers in Visalia, Tulare County Sheriff substations, and fire department stations.

Flags will be available in two sizes: small (3’x5’) and large (4’x6’). The small will cost approximately $66.40 and the large would cost $88.97. 

After approving the changes, the staff will purchase 50 flags, with 33 of them going to County locations. The remaining 23 flags will be replacement flags or will be sold to local schools and public agencies. The durability of the flags are estimated to be one year and will require annual replacement. 

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