Exeter hopes disc golf catches on at Park Place

Exeter City Council approves plan to install disc golf course to Unger Park

EXETER – Soon enough, frisbees will be flying all over Unger Park in Exeter. During the Exeter City Council’s July 15 meeting, the council unanimously voted in favor of a project that would bring disc golf to Unger Park, with potential expansions to other parks in the future.

The project will be designed, installed, and maintained by Rocky Hill Triathlon (RHT). They have spent the last few years raising money in town and putting it back into the park system. RHT also plans to fund the design, structure, and maintenance for the project. It will be led by Charles Duby and David Nielsen who presented the project to the council.

“We want to make this a turnkey operation with little maintenance. If there is any maintenance at all then we can figure that out as we move along,” Duby said.

The plan is to buy 20 sets of discs for the city to hand out to the community, as well as scorecards and fliers about the park and how to play the game. They want to be sure to involve the youth in the project as well as local businesses. There are a variety of ways to get businesses involved such as having designated disc drop-off locations or having businesses advertise the scorecards.

“That will encourage people to go to various places [locally] to eat and shop,” Neilsen said. “This isn’t a professional course, although we can bring people from out of town for sure. This will be a fun course for everyone to play.”

The city council responded favorably to the project.

“I think it sounds great since it’s right down the street. Maybe I can hit a basket better than I can hit a hole at the golf course,” councilmember Mary Waterman Philpott said. “Motion carried. Let’s play golf!”

The city staff will bring this project back at a later date with more particulars on how to move forward.

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