HCCA chief executive Benny Benzeevi arrested at LAX

Tulare County District Attorney’s office arrests Healthcare Conglomerate Associates CEO in Los Angeles, booked on $4 million bail

LOS ANGELES – The Tulare County District Attorney’s office (TCDA) announced this morning that Healthcare Conglomerate Associates CEO Yuri “Benny” Benzeevi was arrested at LAX airport yesterday evening. 

According to the DA’s office, their bureau of investigations took Benzeevi into custody at Los Angeles International Airport. The DA’s office coordinated with Benzeevi’s local counsel and federal officials at the American Embassy in Manila, Philippines, for his self-deportation and return to the United States. Benzeevi was initially taken into custody and processed by U.S. Customs officials before he was turned over to TCDA investigators, who then transported him back to Tulare County where he was booked and released on $4 million bail.  

The DA’s office, with assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), revoked Benzeevi’s passport while he was in the Philippines. He does not possess a current passport.  

On Aug. 11, 2020, the DA’s office filed 40 felony and six misdemeanor charges against Benzeevi, HCCA CFO Alan Germany of Arizona, and Tulare Regional Medical Center / HCCA counsel Bruce Greene of Los Angeles. It is alleged that the defendants used control of public hospital entities to enrich themselves through the improper use of taxpayer and private loans, and other public integrity crimes. Crimes alleged include misappropriation of government funds, conflicts of interest, money laundering, embezzlement, theft, and failure to disclose funds intended to influence a political campaign. 

If convicted, each defendant potentially faces a significant state prison commitment. The specific amount of prison time as to each defendant varies due to the nature of the charges and California sentencing rules; however, on the most serious charge, money laundering, Benzeevi is potentially facing 13 years while Greene and Germany are each facing up to nine years. Greene and Germany have potential maximum sentences of well over a decade should they be found guilty of all of the charges and allegations, and Benzeevi is facing in excess of four decades. 

Beenzevi is scheduled for arraignment on Jan. 6, 2021. Greene and Germany will return to court on Friday, Dec. 18 for a scheduled hearing.

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