Man gets 12 years for domestic abuse

Judge sentences Larry Robinson to more than a decade in prison for domestic violence against a former girlfriend in May

Larry Robinson
53 years old

VISALIA – One less domestic abuser is on the streets thanks to a Tulare County jury.

On Friday, Jan. 15, the Tulare County District Attorney’s office announced the Tulare County Superior Court sentenced Larry Robinson, 53, to 12 years and four months in prison for crimes that occured in May 2020.

On Oct. 23, 2020, a jury convicted Robinson of three felony counts of making criminal threats, two misdemeanor counts of violating a domestic violence restraining order, delaying a police officer’s lawful investigation and possessing drug paraphernalia, according to a press release from the District Attorney’s office.

On the night of May 8, 2020, Robinson appeared at the victim’s residence south of Tulare and threatened to burn down her house and shoot her. Robinson had previously dated the victim, and when their relationship ended, the victim obtained a restraining order prohibiting Robinson from contacting, harassing, threatening or stalking her. When police arrived, Robinson had already fled.

Four days later, on May 12, the victim went to visit an acquaintance. Robinson again appeared and demanded the acquaintance let him see the victim. When the acquaintance refused, Robinson battered the door and threatened to kill them both. When police arrived, Robinson again fled. Police pursued Robinson and eventually caught and arrested him. A search of Robinson’s person yielded a pipe used to smoke methamphetamine.

Between 1992 and 2019, Robinson was convicted of seven felonies and numerous misdemeanors, including domestic violence and a “strike” offense for making criminal threats in 2010 that included beating a former girlfriend to the point of losing consciousness. In 2019 alone, Robinson was convicted of four different instances of violating a domestic violence restraining order.

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