Woodlake pot company to launch delivery service

Uncle Green becomes the second Woodlake marijuana company to offer delivery to doorsteps from Fresno to Bakersfield

WOODLAKE– Marijuana companies have brought millions of dollars into the city of Woodlake to build parks, playgrounds and even rebuild its recreation programming. The city may see more cannabis cash in the future as local operators expand their reach beyond the city limits and the surrounding communities.

One of the marijuana operators, Uncle Green, is in the process of obtaining a permit to deliver products across Tulare, Kern and Fresno counties. In a notice to the city, the Woodlake pot company said it intends to acquire three delivery vans which will provide delivery service between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. One van will serve the Visalia area, one will serve the Fresno area and the third van will serve the Bakersfield area. Each van will make up to two daily trips from the facility to its respective service area, which will potentially increase the amount of daily traffic trips by six. The company did not return calls as of press time but has updated its website to add “distributor” to its list of operations in Woodlake.

Jason Waters, community development director of Woodlake, said the city recently approved Uncle Green’s permits for delivery, a prerequisite for obtaining a final permit from the state. Delivering marijuana to doorsteps is a different permit than the one operators obtain for growing cannabis, manufacturing, processing and packaging, as well as selling it at storefronts. 

“The laws surrounding operators can be very complex and confusing,” Waters said. 

Unlike cannabis cultivators, manufacturers and retailers, cannabis deliveries can be made statewide, even in cities and counties where cannabis operators have been banned by local ordinances. The California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) made the rule in 2018 but was sued by several cities in the state who claimed the rule violated their home rule under Proposition 64, the Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act approved by voters in 2016. The case was decided in Fresno County Superior Court when Judge Rosemary McGuire dismissed arguments the ruling was in conflict with the state law. While cities and counties felt the ruling limited their power to prevent recreational marijuana operations in their city, the decision meant all delivery operators compete across the city and county lines, making delivery less local and more regional. The cannabis industry praised the ruling for not limiting their customer base and giving all Californians access to high-quality products.

Uncle Green is the second Woodlake cannabusiness to enter the marijuana delivery business. Waters said 7 Points began offering same-day delivery to anywhere from Fresno to Bakersfield last year after obtaining its local and state permits. The company boasts a team of 10 people dedicated to delivery and the company is a major player on the cultivation and manufacturing side at its 1,000 square foot warehouse.

Waters said Woodlake has seven cannabis companies licensed for cultivation and manufacturing in Woodlake, but not all of them are operating. And while there is no cap on the number of businesses growing, processing or delivering cannabis, the city has limited the number of storefronts to two, Valley Pur and Green Bean. 

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