Farmersville man sentenced to life in prison for killing roommate

Judge sentences Alexander Shinn to life in prison after murdering his roommate in 2018 with a metal bar

VISALIA – Last week the Tulare County Superior Court sentenced a Farmersville man to life in prison after he murdered his roommate in 2018.

Alexander Shinn
28 years old

According to the District Attorney’s Office, on May 5, Alexander Shinn, 28, was sentenced to life in prison for beating his roommate to death in 2018. Shinn will be eligible for parole in no more than 26 years. On Feb. 14, a jury convicted Shinn of one count of first degree murder that included a special allegation that he personally used a deadly weapon.  

In the early morning of Dec. 8, 2018, after several weeks of building tension between Shinn and his 25-year- old roommate, Shinn bludgeoned his roommate with a metal bar while he was asleep on the couch at their Farmersville residence. Shinn then disposed of the victim in an orchard near Strathmore where the body was found later that afternoon.  

Once the body was found, Shinn called the Farmersville Police Department to turn himself in. Officers met Shinn at his home where they placed him into custody and searched his residence and his vehicle. Police found bags filled with bloody clothes, gloves, packing tape and a two and a half foot breaker bar.

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