Lindsay receives emergency water allocation, avoids state of emergency

The Bureau of Reclamation grants emergency allocation of surface water to Lindsay avoiding water austerity measures for now

LINDSAY – Lindsay’s potential water crisis has been averted, thanks to an emergency water allocation granted to the city by the Bureau of Reclamation.

The city submitted a request for a Health and Safety water allocation in February in order to meet this year’s water demands. At a May 10 city council meeting, City Manager Joe Tanner announced the allocation had been approved the week prior. 

If the allocation hadn’t been granted, Lindsay would have run out of water by July. This would have necessitated the declaration of a state of emergency and the utilization of highly contaminated well water from Well 11, which was shut down in 2007.

“Now we have a little bit of horizon time as far as looking at next year and beyond,” Tanner said at the meeting. 

Tanner said there’s a possibility of the city needing to go through this same process next year, after the water from the emergency allocation runs out. The city plans to meet with the bureau to discuss water conservation plans moving forward.

Lindsay is still conducting studies on Well 11 in the hopes of being able to utilize it if a similar situation were to occur in the future. The city is also hoping to increase their water infrastructure to meet the demands of potential growth in the coming years. 

“There’s going to be opportunities for the city to expand,” Tanner said. “And obviously, to expand, we’re going to have to meet the new demands for water.”

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