Business, marketing experts to speak in Visalia as part of summer series

Momentum Broadcasting’s summer speaker series will feature speakers like Bob Hoffman and Jeffrey Allen “Skunk” Baxter

VISALIA – Momentum Broadcasting, home to radio station favorites like MY97.5 and Classic Rock 99.7, is hosting a summer speaker series featuring experts in marketing, sales and advertising. 

The series will be held in four installments from June through September at Momentum Broadcasting’s headquarters in Visalia. Bill Lynch, Momentum’s General Manager, said he hopes the series will draw in local business owners or anyone interested in learning more about what it takes to run a business. 

“People are going to walk out of these hour long keynote speeches and their heads are going to just be rocked,” Lynch said. 

The first speaker in the series, Bob Hoffman, is one of the most sought-after speakers on advertising and marketing in the world. 

“He’s the boy who says that the king is wearing no clothes. That’s Bob Hoffman,” Lynch said. “He’s great to hear and go see because he’s really engaging. He’s funny, and he knows how to make his point.” 

Hoffman has written five books about advertising, each an Amazon #1 bestseller. He also runs the blog The Ad Contrarian, which was named one of the world’s most influential marketing and advertising blogs by Business Insider. He will be speaking as part of the series on June 9. 

The second speaker in the series is Jeff Schmidt, senior vice president of professional development at the Radio Advertising Bureau. Schmidt’s expertise is in building a durable brand identity to grow a business. He is speaking on July 7.

Jeffrey Allen “Skunk” Baxter, best known for being a guitarist and founding member of Steely Dan and the lead guitarist of The Doobie Brothers, is the third speaker of the series. Baxter currently works with The U.S. Department of Defense as a defense consultant, chairing a Congressional Advisory Board on missile defense, and at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.  He is also a nationally and internationally renowned public speaker on the topics of innovation and asymmetrical thinking in business, which is what his focus will be at the summer speaker series on Aug. 11. 

The final installment of the series is a panel discussion called “Doing Well Doing Good.” Panelists include MJ DePalma of Microsoft’s Garage as Director of Inclusive Marketing, Angela Northrup, Area Executive Director for St. Jude Research Hospital, and Renee Richardson, Director of Philanthropy, Metallica’s “All Within My Hands” Foundation. Their discussion will include topics like the reasons to get involved in Charitable Giving, Marketing with Purpose, Inclusive Marketing, what to be thinking about when getting involved in Cause Marketing, pitfalls, opportunities and more. The discussion will take place on Sept. 15. 

The series will take place at 700 E. Mineral King Avenue in Visalia. Tickets can be purchased at 

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