Cannabis dispensary works to ‘Elevate’ Lindsay downtown, city coffers

In Lindsay, Elevate is bringing a new spin to the cannabis industry by combining the traditional dispensary with cultivation and upstairs lounge

LINDSAY – Downtown Lindsay will soon be home to a unique cannabis dispensary, Elevate Lindsay, that will be one of a kind in the county.

The new cannabis dispensary moving into downtown Lindsay is projected to bring an array of benefits to the city including employment opportunities, boosts in city revenue and an experience like no other. Elevate will not only be a dispensary but have visual cultivation as well as an upstairs smoke lounge.

“I think it’s very cool that we’re going to have a unique dispensary that has a dispensary retail aspect along with the lounge and then a small cultivation area,” Joe Tanner, Lindsay’s city manager said. “I think it’s very unique, I think it’s gonna be a draw to our downtown and I think it’s going to be very successful.”

Co-owner of Elevate Lindsay, Courtney Caron, is hopeful they will hear back on the first round of permits soon. Receiving approval will allow Elevate Lindsay to apply for building permits that will then bring them closer to breaking ground and having customers walk through their doors.

Over a year ago, Elevate, a cannabis company, began the process of expanding their business to Lindsay where they plan to open their third dispensary at 123 W Honolulu St. At Lindsay’s May 24 city council meeting, Caron presented an update on where they are in the process. 

Caron presented the council with a finalized retail design concept. Elevate purchased an old two-story building on West Honolulu Street right near the already existing dispensary, Valley Pure. Renovation plans are extensive, but Caron said if all millwork and products are in on time, it should only take about four months to complete. “It would be my plan that if the dispensary is ready first, the dispensary opens first.” Caron said. “So we are not opposed to opening one section while the other is being completed to start generating that revenue for the city.”

According to Caron, the facade will be given a modern face lift reflecting the colors of the Elevate brand, typically seen in black and whites with a bright turquoise. The building will be full of floor to ceiling glass with a clean modern glow. “This could really draw a crowd,” Caron said. “Definitely because not only is the facility beautiful, it has a lounge upstairs, but also being able to watch the lifecycle of a cultivation through glass as it’s occurring is something that’s quite spectacular.”

Downstairs, the dispensary will have five point of sale systems to help move traffic in and out. Upstairs the lounge will include several tables and areas for relaxing, or hosting large events as well as a private room where small events can be held. There will also be a stage where live performers can come and share their talent with the audience. Caron said the idea is to have live music, comedy shows or a DJ for guests. There will be prepackaged snacks and beverages available as well as serving staff. Near the food and beverage area is where you would find, “ancillary use items to consume cannabis. So a pipe, a vape, a bong, there’s a million different products that you can use. Glassware, we call them,” Caron said.

Something that is unique to this dispensary, Caron explained, is there will be an area where customers can view the cultivation process through large heavily secured glass walls.

The city is hopeful that updating this old building will inspire others in the vicinity. Tanner said the city is in the early stages of working with consultants to create a downtown vision plan to help give downtown a facelift. He said the city is hoping  the rehabilitation of this building will “spur additional improvements to some of the other buildings.” 

In the city council meeting, Caron said the hope is to employ around 15 individuals from the community who will grow with the company and as the business grows so will the number of employees. In addition to lowering unemployment rates, Tanner said the business will also help the city out by providing an ongoing stream of revenues. In a review of the budget, with just one dispensary in town, Finance Director Juana Espinoza said “the cannabis tax is healthy.” 

After discussion of the newest cannabis business at the city council meeting, Tanner brought up the question of bringing additional cannabis retailers to the city. Council member Yolanda Flores was in favor of looking into adding additional cannabis businesses, where others like Mayor Romona Caudullo, were not so fond of the idea. The general consensus was to possibly move forward with having the option available for an additional cannabis business in the future, but nothing any time soon. The topic will be brought back in a future meeting.

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