Woodlake to install electric vehicle charging stations at city hall

The city council has submitted an application for grant money to fund the installation of electric vehicle charging stations

WOODLAKE – City hall is about to get eight new electric vehicle charging stations free of cost to the city.  

At the June 13 meeting, Woodlake City Council approved a plan to install charging stations for electric vehicles at city hall submitted by Southern California Edison (SCE). SCE is providing full funding through grants to cities for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. The city council unanimously voted to submit an application for SCE’s grant.

The grant will cover the installation and maintenance costs for the charging stations. “The most expensive part is getting the infrastructure–the electrical wiring–right,” said Community Services Director Jason Waters. “With the grant, it won’t cost the city anything on that portion of the project.”

If the application is approved, SCE will send a contract to the city council and then construction can begin. Waters expects construction to begin in the fall or winter of 2022 and take a few weeks. “I imagine construction will be completed before the end of the year,” Waters said.

The spots will be located on the south side of the back parking lot of city hall. Nine spots will be converted into the eight charging spots and one of them will be ADA accessible, taking up the space of two regular spots.

The grant is a part of SCE’s Charge Ready program, which was approved by the state in 2020. The program allocates $436 million to install 38,000 electric car chargers throughout SCE’s service zone between 2020 and 2025.

Under the Charge Ready program, SCE installs the electric vehicle charging infrastructure while it is owned, operated and maintained by the site hosts, in this case, the Woodlake City Council. For maintenance, SCE has a list of third parties the city can choose from. The cost of maintenance will be worked into the city’s budget.

Some of Woodlake’s city vehicles are electric and will benefit from the new charging stations, however, the stations will also be fully open for use by the public. By installing public charging stations, the city encourages citizens to have electric vehicles in order to reduce air pollution.

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