Tulare Police Department hits ‘grand slam’ with new police chief

After serving the city of Tulare for 21 years, Tulare City Council appoints Fred Ynclan as Tulare’s new chief of police

TULARE – The city of Tulare has undergone some major changes within administration in the last year. They have hired a new city manager, city clerk, chief financial officer, fire chief and have now announced their new chief of police. 

At the city council meeting on June 22, City Manager Marc Mondell was pleased to announce Fred Ynclan as the city of Tulare’s new chief of police.

“As your chief, I would like to put citizens first and foremost, to know that we will continue to strive far beyond excellence,” Ynclan said. “I have future goals and visions for this department.”

Ynclan has been with the department for the past 21 years, most recently serving as captain since 2015. Mondel said Ynclan was ranked either top or second candidate in the first three panels in the hiring process and received a unanimous recommendation in the final panel.

“He’s proven himself to be the candidate that can remain calm and collected under pressure, which is critical for this position and for the department,” Mondell said. 

According to Mondell, the city of Tulare sent the job posting to every police department in the state, advertised on trade associations, word of mouth and on their website. After the city felt they had enough qualified candidates, they created a series of panels for the candidates to go through. The first panel was for basic requirements to see if the individuals were qualified for the position. 

From there, three candidates moved forward to the technical panel made up of other sheriff and police chiefs in the region. The panel then determined two of the three to move forward, one internal candidate and one external. Those two individuals moved onto what is called the fit panel. Representatives of city departments and community members representing different organizations determined if the prospective candidates were a good fit for the community. The final panel was made of Tulare’s mayor, vice mayor, a member of the police union, human resources and citizens from outside the community. 

Ynclan addressed the members of council and the city and promised to make their jobs easier with accessibility and response through his command and department. He gave a great deal of credit to Hensley, “this office is too important to let it fail and they will not let you down sir, you got us where we need to be.”

Mayor Denis Mederos was impressed with Ynclan throughout the interview and the hiring process. Mederos also mentioned the importance of Ynclan being hired from within. It allows for the least amount of disruption within the department. He said he responded well to all scenarios that were thrown at him and he is thrilled to  bring Ynclan on board as the city’s new police chief. 

“I had my fingers crossed the whole time that we hit a home run and when all this was going on,” Mederos said. “[but] you didn’t just hit a homerun, you hit a grand slam, and you’re going to do a great job.”

Recently after having an interim fire chief for almost a year, the city completed the process of hiring a new fire chief as well. The city welcomed Michael Ott as the new Tulare fire chief on May 16. He was born and raised in Maneca, Calif. until he entered the service at age 19. Chief Ott served a career in the Air Force in fire and emergency service for 21 years. He retired on Dec. 31, 2021. 

As of June 3, Hensley and previous Chief Financial Officer Darlene Thompson were just the most recent retirees in the city of Tulare over the last year. In August of 2021, Luis Nevarez retired as fire chief. Around that same time, former city manager, Rob Hunt, retired after 29 years with the city. The city hired retired fire battalion chief Doyle Sewell to serve as interim fire chief last fall. Because of retirement and pension restrictions Sewell was forced to step down as interim fire chief. 

The city decided to take these curve balls one at a time by hiring Mondell first. He was then able to aid in the process of hiring others. On April 5, Diego Ibanez was introduced to the council as the new Chief Financial Officer, filling Thompson’s shoes. 

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