Visalia Breakfast Lions makes major donations to community nonprofits

Five nonprofits each received $2,000 donations from the Visalia Breakfast Lions Club in light of increasing gas prices and inflation

VISALIA – Hefty $2,000 donations were handed to five different nonprofits in Tulare County. Thanks to the Breakfast Lions Club,  Foodlink, Rescue Mission, Bethlehem Center, Emergency Aide and the Salvation Army can boost their efforts in the community.

Last Friday, June 24, the club’s president-elect, Jordan Mulrooney, explained the root of the donations came from the recent spike in gas prices.

“We heard in the community that people are having to choose between food and gas because of gas price inflation,” said Mulroony. “The committee chose five different organizations that are directly impacting families in the community with helping them.”

Former president Bob Brown described the organization as “very community oriented” with funds raised through different fundraisers organized by the club.  “[We] give back to the community probably 70 to $80,000 a year,” Brown said.

Captain Yohnathan Escobar of The Salvation Army said the Lions Club has always been supportive of the organization, and described this donation as a blessing. 

“With this money, we’ll be able to help families in the community that come and ask not only for a bag of food, but either motel vouchers or some kind of help with transportation too,” he said. 

Visalia Rescue Mission director Jenn Eskridge, the organization can utilize the donation funds from Breakfast Lions where they are needed most.

“We’ll take the funds and take them right into our kitchen, where we feed the community and our shelter residents every single day. We will also use them in our overnight services, where we house our women and children and our men’s shelter,” she said. “We also have the Life Change Academy, which is the year long drug and alcohol addiction recovery program. We will utilize these funds to make sure that our residents have what they need to feel supported during their year with us.”

Visalia Rescue Mission has been around since 1981 and is dedicated to reestablishing hope through Christian scripture for those who are suffering from homelessness, addiction and other unfortunate circumstances. They have been in association with Breakfast Lions Club since 1996.

The executive director of Visalia Emergency Aid Council Mary Jennings expressed her gratitude to the Breakfast Lions Club for not only this donation but the club’s continued support for the last 20 years. “We could not survive, we could not do the work we do without organizations like the Breakfast Lions and the donations that they made today.”

For any parties looking to support the Breakfast Lions Club, the organization plans to sell fireworks at The Mayor’s Vineyard parking lot come July 1 through July 4.

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