Liz Wynn to run for District 1 seat in 2022 general election

Councilwoman Wynn plans to hold her stand-in seat in 2022 November General Municipal Election

VISALIA – Visalia City Councilwoman Liz Wynn announced her candidacy for the remainder of the late Phil Cox’s term. If successful she will serve as representative for District 1 until the next election in 2024.

Wynn was first appointed to fill the seat in August of the same year from a long list of applicants. Her record of community service, her background in planning, her commitment to the Visalia Planning Commission and her ability to quickly come up to speed impressed the four sitting councilmembers. Their decision to appoint Wynn was unanimous.

Despite publicly stating that she was not interested in running for the council seat for 2022, Wynn changed her standing with the recent developments of upcoming projects. She said that projects such as  homeless funding challenges and the issue of cannabis businesses in Visalia would be difficult for a new member to grasp quickly. She added that with two years remaining on the term and supporters in her corner, she opted to throw her hat in the ring to keep the seat. 

“When I started, I hadn’t intended [to run for the seat], I just thought I would fill in,” she said.

Another thing that motivated her candidacy was the lack of interest in the seat from the community.

“To date, I haven’t seen anybody who has shown any interest in this district election,” she said. “I had assumed more people would be showing interest by coming to the work sessions and coming into council meetings and meeting the city manager or city staff and I have not seen any of that.”

Wynn observed homelessness as one of the most challenging issues facing Visalia today and in the future. She noted that with the job growth from the industrial park in North West Visalia, with corporations like Amazon, UPS, ACE Hardware and others to come, has yielded the need for more housing in the city, both rental and homeownership properties. She wants to ensure this spread is well planned and an asset to the city.

“Quality of life is important for all residents regardless of social or economic status,” she said. “We need to be sure we have adequate public safety, recreational activities and open space for our residents to use freely and safely.”

If she is elected by District 1 voters she would complete the remainder of Cox’s term.

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