Fireworks sales at a record high despite skyrocketing prices

Service clubs fundraising through fireworks booths pulled in record profits despite inflation driving up costs

TULARE COUNTY – This was a banner year for fireworks fundraising booths. Regardless of skyrocketing prices, people purchased more fireworks than in 2021.

Last year, fireworks were in short supply due to supply chain issues. This year, inflation drove up prices. But the public was not deterred and forked over the cash to celebrate their Independence Day with a bang.

The Visalia Breakfast Lions pulled in 138% of last year’s profits according to Visalia Breakfast Lions President Jordan Mulrooney. “Fireworks cost us about $14,000 more this year than last year,” he said. “But we almost completely sold out.”

The Visalia Breakfast Lions made approximately a quarter of the funds for their yearly budget from fireworks sales this year. The West Visalia Kiwanis Club had their busiest day ever on July 4 this year. American Legion Post 18 offered 10% off to veterans, active duty military and first responders. By the morning of July 4, they only had a limited supply left.

“People were buying the big fireworks,” Mulrooney reported, “the little stuff didn’t sell as much as it did last year.” Ringing in the holiday became a neighborhood event for some, as many residents pooled their firework funds together for block party patriotism.

Fundraising fireworks is a popular way for nonprofits to raise money. Companies like TNT fireworks cover all the costs of the stands and licensing while fronting the merchandise. Organizations sell the fireworks at a set cost and get to keep the profits. Any merchandise not sold is simply returned to the company.

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