Farmers market ‘Goodness’ of grapes to consumers

California Table Grape Commission draws attention to the pride of their workers and its industry in a video feature series

FRESNO, CALIF. –  California Table Grape Commission is releasing a series of videos to give consumers and retailers a reminder of who they are supporting when purchasing California grapes. 

Grape harvesting is underway in California, making grapes available around the country and bringing a little California Goodness to consumers everywhere. On July 11, the first video of the California Goodness feature series aired in their three-year campaign. 

“It matters to consumers to know who’s providing their food, who’s growing it, who’s picking it and packing it,” Kathleen Nave, California Table Grape Commission president, said. “We just wanted to be able to show the stories of the people in the industry.”

According to the industry’s information release, the videos were shot in the table grape growing regions of California with growers and farmworkers sharing their pride in producing table grapes for consumers to enjoy. The first set of videos features a grower and various farmworkers in Coachella Valley who shared their stories of hard work and dedication to support consumers and families across the nation. 

The goal of the campaign is to remind shoppers and retailers that when they purchase California grapes they are supporting an industry of table grape growers and farmworkers dedicated to producing high-quality, safe and healthy products.

“Shoppers should know that when they purchase California table grapes, they are not only choosing the best-tasting, highest-quality grapes in the world, they are also supporting growers, farmworkers, their families and the communities in which they work and live,” Nave said.

California table grapes are an economic engine for both San Joaquin and Coachella valleys, and are critically important to the economic well-being of many small rural communities according to Nave.

“It’s important that consumers know that when they go into a grocery store, or they go online to make their food orders, it matters what they choose,” she said.

The stories of the industries’ growers and farmworkers are also being shared on and on the commission’s social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Similar stories from San Joaquin Valley should be gathered and shared some time this season. An additional video that shows shoppers how to find California grapes on packaging is currently airing on social media. 

In addition to videos, California Goodness is promoting available radio spots to retailers to help customers find locations who sell their table grapes.  

Videos featuring a grower and farmworkers in Coachella Valley can be found at the link below. 

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