Farmersville supports United Farm Workers march

The Farmersville city council supports marching farm workers both on the ground and in formal statement

FARMERSVILLE – Farmersville City Council voted to make a statement of support for the farm workers marching to Sacramento at their meeting on Aug. 8.

Farm workers supported by the United Farm Workers (UFW) Union are marching to the state capitol in support of Assembly Bill (AB) 2183, California Ag Labor Relations Voting Choice Act, introduced by Assemblyman Mark Stone (D-Santa Cruz). The march began on Aug. 3 in Delano and came through Farmersville on Aug. 7. Mayor Paul Boyer and councilman Greg Gomez joined the march for their walk to Visalia on Aug. 8.

“On a personal level I’m glad that I can be there and show support,” Boyer said. “But I’m glad that the city will take on formal support.”

The Farmersville council said they will release a formal statement of support for the marching farmworkers and AB 2183 in the near future. The bill will allow farm workers to receive union ballots by mail and vote for union leaders by mail. Currently, farm workers can only vote in union elections at their job sites, leading them to face possible intimidation. Many workers end up not voting for their union at all.

“We have a lot of people in Farmersville that either are farm workers or their families are,” Boyer said. “The assembly bill is allowing something that is beneficial to a lot of the families in our community.”

Farmersville residents showed overwhelming support for the march as it passed through their town. When the marchers crossed into Farmersville from Exeter they were greeted with cheers and music according to Boyer. Neighbors handed out cold water from ice chests.

Twenty-five permanent marchers are taking on the 335 mile journey to the capitol. These marchers will be joined by supporters along the way until they finally reach the capital on Aug. 26, which is farm worker appreciation day. 5,000 supporters are expected to meet the march for a rally in Sacramento.

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