Former Tulare police chief becomes a marshal

The Tulare County Fair board of directors choses retired police chief Wes Hensley as the 2022 Tulare County Parade Grand Marshal

TULARE – Retired police chief Wes Hensley thought he was done leading, but not for long as he leads this year’s fair parade as the grand marshall.

This year the Tulare County Fair is honoring one of the city’s most recent retirees as grand marshal. Hensely said he is honored to have been chosen, after spending so much of his career on the other side, making sure things ran smoothly.  

“It’s just kind of neat that even at the end, I’m still going to get a chance to work on my parade wave and give my thanks to the fair and all that it’s done for the community of Tulare, and for me, personally,” Hensely said. 

Hensley said he is excited to participate and is looking forward to finding out what his responsibilities will be. In years past he was always involved in traffic control and safety and said he never had the opportunity to really see the parade happen. 

Gary Castro, president of the fair board of directors, said Hensley and the board always had a collaborative relationship. 

“We are proud to have collaborated so well for so long,” Castro said. “There are so many details to be addressed to ensure a seamless Fair. We are grateful to have been able to work with Wes, and we look forward to the continued focus on safety, fun and food!”

Dena Rizzardo, the fair’s CEO, said the retired chief had a distinguished 31 year career with Tulare. 

“As Chief, he made sure the fairgrounds had coverage for the entire community to enjoy, and made a collaborative community partner between City and state,” Rizzzardo said. “We were lucky to have him as a leader. He will be missed dearly, but we truly hope he enjoys his retirement.”

Hensley’s last day in uniform was in June 2022 after serving the city for over thirty years. The city then hired Fred Ynclan as the new Chief of Police.

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