Weyrauch snags seat on Porterville’s council

Donald Weyrauch was sworn into Porterville city council after previous mayor and council member Monte Reyes resigns

PORTERVILLE – Like a game of musical chairs, the Porterville city council fills vacant seat after a year filled with reorganization.

Donald Weyrauch was sworn into the Porterville city council on Aug. 6 in light of Monte Reyes’s resignation, whose term was originally supposed to expire in Nov. 2024. Reyes resigned from council on July 19. Weyrauch will now be serving on the council until November of 2024 for district four. 

“I’m just honored to be here and to have the opportunity to serve the people of Porterville in this position,” Weyrauch said. “I think the members of the council before me and the current council have tried their best, along with staff, to lead our city in a very positive and forward-looking way.”

Weyrauch received three out of four votes from the council at the last meeting, with councilmember Milt Stowe voting in favor of applicant Ed McCervey. The council then unanimously approved appointing Weyrauch to council and swore him in at the Aug. 6 meeting. Wayrauch had two applicants running against him, which were Dawn Bennett and McCervey. 

Weyrauch is currently a realtor in Porterville and has extensive experience in both corporate and construction fields. Bennet is not native to Porterville and just recently moved to the city in January. McCervey currently serves on the Tule County Redistricting Commission for district 5, and is also a part of many community programs such as a local Bible camp.  

Weyrauch will now assume the seat left vacant by Reyes weeks ago. Reyes served as Porterville’s mayor from 2020 to early 2022. He missed multiple meetings during the last few months of his mayorship, and on Jan. 18 he had to leave a council meeting out of an emergency. He did not attend the following meeting, either. In February, Reyes asked for reorganization of the council, in which then-Vice President Flores was nominated as mayor, and Reyes became council member of district four. Five months later, Reyes resigned.

“It has been a privilege of a lifetime to represent Porterville locally, regionally, in Sacramento, and in Washington D.C.,” Reyes wrote in his resignation letter. “I wish you all the best as I move into the next chapter of my life.”

Not everyone in the crowd was supportive of Weyrauch’s appointment. Business owner David Horowitz, owner of Horowitz Jewelry, has been vocal in many council meetings about the efficiency and fairness of the council. At the Aug. 6 meeting, he expressed his concern about Weyrauch taking a council seat.

“Here’s my problem with you: I don’t know you,” Horowitz said. “If you were really involved in the community I’d know who you were, but it makes me a little nervous because I don’t know you.”

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