COVID relief checks continue into 2022 for nonprofit orgs

$1 million in State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds are being offered to nonprofits in Tulare County

TULARE COUNTY – Another year, another COVID relief check as a sliver of the county’s pandemic relief funds are being put in the pockets of local nonprofits.

The Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency (HHSA) is urging local nonprofits to apply for COVID-19 relief funds granted by the state of California. The funds come from the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) which is a program of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021, which granted billions in COVID-19 relief all over the state. Applications for nonprofits end on Oct. 12.

“What HSA staff is doing is receiving the [nonprofit’s] application, making sure the applications are complete, reviewing the applications to see if they meet the criteria, and then if they do, then we will extend the funds based on their application,” public information officer Carrie Montero said.

The Tulare County Health Human Services Agency (HHSA) has been chosen by the Tulare Board of Supervisors to be responsible for implementing funds from SLFRF and distributing them to local nonprofits. There is $1 million in relief funds available to nonprofits in the county that were operating during the pandemic, which is specified as March 4, 2020 to June 15, 2021. Additionally nonprofits who apply must be supporting public health, addressing negative economic impacts and paying for essential workers. 

According to the American Rescue Plan Act Recovery Plan, the board allocated funds to seven different areas: public health, negative economic impacts, negative economic impacts in public health, paying essential workers, water infrastructure, radio tower and park improvements, and administrative needs. 

Nonprofits fall under the negative economic impacts category, along with housing assistance, small business assistance and aid to impacted industries. This category was allocated $9,813,972 of a total $90,552,914 allocated to Tulare County in 2021. However only $1 million is going toward nonprofits from the SLFRF program.

The SLFRF program ran from  March of 2021 to June of 2022, and only $28 million of funds were used in the areas they were allocated. The remaining $62 million has not been used yet. The county has until 2024 to obligate these funds and they must be expended by 2026.

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