DA’s office protests parole for Visalia murderer

Javier Perez is denied parole for the firearm assault and murder of his sister after shooting her in the head during a dispute

VISALIA – A man serving a life sentence for murdering his sister almost 30 years ago is still considered a risk to society. And in part to the Tulare County District Attorney’s office he was denied parole.

Prosecutors for the DA’s office secured the three year parole denial for Perez at a virtual hearing on Sept. 14. Perez, 61, is currently serving a life sentence at the San Quentin State Prison near San Francisco for murdering his sister in 1995.

Under California law, penal code 3055, Perez was eligible for an elder parole hearing. At the hearing, parole commissioners noted that Perez did not take full responsibility for his actions and still posed a risk to public safety.

According to the DA’s office, on Oct. 29, 1995, Perez along with his wife and several other family members attended a party in Visalia. After the party, the group went to Perez’s sister’s house in Exeter. When they arrived, Perez’s brother-in-law went to see them outside to see if the two could resolve past issues. Perez had a bad relationship with his brother-in-law and sent messages to family about wanting to hurt him.

Perez had reportedly become angry with the conversation as it continued and returned to his vehicle to retrieve a handgun. Perez’s sister placed herself between the two men and was struck with the butt of the gun by Perez. While she recovered, Perez placed the gun to her head and shot her. She died at the scene. A bullet fragment also struck his brother in law. Perez attempted to flee the scene but apprehended immediately. 

Perez was found guilty of first-degree murder and assault with a firearm by a jury in 1996. He was sentenced to 35 years to life in prison.

The office of the District Attorney routinely attends life parole hearings and a senior deputy district attorney argued against the inmate’s release for this case.

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