Porterville marches on with mural restoration

Porterville City Council approves Marching Through Time mural restoration in the city’s Centennial Park

PORTERVILLE – A fresh coat of paint awaits downtown Porterville’s band mural to restore a snapshot of community history in music and marching bands.

Porterville City Council approved the restoration and repainting of the Marching Through Time band mural in Centennial Park on Main Street. The restoration was approved at the city council meeting on Sept. 20. 

Per the request of the Porterville Mural Committee and with recommendation from the Porterville’s Arts Commission, city council had previously appropriated $40,000 from their special purposes reserve fund for the restoration of the mural. The funding was approved with the 2022-23 fiscal year budget at the city council meeting on June 20. 

Since the mural was first unveiled on April 21, 2012, the paint has experienced flaking and deterioration. This led the artist of the mural, Glen Hill, to contract with Fine Arts Conversation Laboratories (FACL) for the specialized project.

According to a press release from the city of Porterville, the conservation of the mural is significant because it depicts the rich history and importance of music and marching bands in the Porterville community. 

Denise Marchant, a representative of the Porterville Mural Committee, expressed her sincere appreciation to the city council for its consideration and support. According to a press release from the city of Porterville, she said the project is dear to her and the Porterville community.

The restoration project by FACL will be completed in two separate phases. The first phase will focus on stopping any further deterioration of the mural, which will allow Hill to restore the picture. Once the restoration of the picture is complete, Phase two of the project will be conducted. Phase two will allow the application of proactive layers to the mural which will ensure a greater longevity of the painting.

Porterville City Council’s appropriation of $40,000 from their special purposes reserve fund will cover the cost of restoration by FACL in the amount of $38,227. An additional expense of $37,500 will go to the artist to repaint the mural, which will come from proceeds from the two cannabis dispensaries soon to open in downtown Porterville. The terms of development agreements between the city and upcoming dispensaries specify that a payment of 1% of annual gross revenue from the dispensaries will go towards a community benefits program, which includes the promotion of the arts.

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