Lindsay to host first “normal” harvest festival since pandemic

The 10th annual harvest festival will be hosted by the Spirit and the Bride Kingdom Coalition the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce at McDermont X for first time since the pandemic

LINDSAY – After years of social distancing and having to change events to reflect COVID-19 safety measures, the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce finally announced a harvest festival without restrictions.

On Oct. 31, the Spirit and the Bride Kingdom Coalition is hosting the 10th annual Harvest Festival at McDermont X. This will be the first harvest festival hosted at McDermont X since the pandemic. The coalition will be partnering with the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce, for the event, and will offer free food, carnival games, a costume contest and a sense of community, according to the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce President Roxanne Serna.

“I’m super excited about this event because it’s going to be one of our big events for our community post pandemic,” Serna said. “I am really excited to see the turnout of our community and our businesses that are involved.”

During the pandemic, the harvest festival had to change with the times, causing it to be held in a “trunk or treat” style, where families would drive up to the Lindsay Wellness Center and be given candy without having to leave their car. This year, however, the McDermont X house will be fully open to the children and families of the community for the festival. Admission is also free for the event, making it more attainable for all families that wish to attend. The event will be held from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at McDermont X.

“I hope to see more of the community gathering and the businesses being able to collaborate with each other,” Serna said. “[As well as] ignite that spirit of community events and involvement.” 

Not only are local businesses attending, but also some local candidates that are running for city council or the school board, where they will promote their campaigns. Serna’s hope to see the community come together is already becoming a reality, as many organizations are already offering a helping hand, such as the Wellness Center which will be preparing the free food for attendees. 

“It’s nice to be able to see a lot of our community, businesses and organizations be more involved,” Serna said

This will be the first harvest festival that Serna will attend as the chamber of commerce’s president. Though she was involved at the last “trunk or treat” style festival, she has not yet been in charge of hosting the event nor has she attended the harvest festival at McDermont X before. 

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