Local pastor joins Lindsay PD to counsel officers

Pastor Adam Perez officially starts his duties as chaplain for the Lindsay Public Safety Department, and will aid both officers and victims

LINDSAY – For the first time ever, the city of Lindsay swore in a chaplain, Adam Perez, who will counsel those who have experienced trauma within the safety department.

On Oct. 25, public safety director Rick Carillo presented the department’s first chaplain to Lindsay City Council. Perez, the lead pastor at Breakthrough Church in Lindsay, will provide spiritual and emotional support not only to officers, but also to victims of crimes. Getting Perez on board and through his background checks has been a long six-week process, but that night at the city council meeting he was finally able to put on his blues. The council and the crowd watched as his father pinned his badge onto his chest.

Chaplain Adam Perez

“I’m excited to be of service and to really take a leap into these men and women’s lives who are constantly being triggered by trauma or kind of desensitized by a lot of the things that they have to experience,” Perez said. “I’m here and by the grace of God and by his leadership I’ll be able to serve and my goal is exactly that.”

Perez will assist officers who regularly see traumatic events cope and process their experiences, according to Carillo. He will help deliver death notices to families as well, and will serve as a source of comfort and spiritual guidance to families and friends of the victims. He will be on-call and will assist “in a multitude of different assignments and duties,” Carillo said. 

“He’s not just our chaplain, he’s a city chaplain. I’ve worked very closely with chaplains throughout my career, and their duties are invaluable,” Carillo said. “Our staff sees a lot of trauma, we see death more regularly than most.”

Carillo had the idea of starting a chaplain program in Lindsay many months ago, but there were no serious applicants until Perez came along. Likewise, Perez felt like he had a calling placed on his heart to serve as a chaplain for police officers and first responders, which is when he stumbled across Lindsay’s new chaplain program. Carillo said that when Perez came into the office during the background check process, the front desk workers said he brought a joyous and comfortable “aura” with him.

“Arguably, he could play the most vital role in our lives, not just the department, but the city and the residents that we serve,” Carillo said. “So we’re very, very happy to bring him on board to assist us in a multitude of different assignments and duties.”

Carillo said Perez has already begun his “tour” and will start assisting officers and residents immediately. Perez said his end goal is not just to be there for the officers, but also to extend his services to help the city. 

“I’m grateful. I’m excited. I know that you know our fellas in blue behind us and ladies, they do go through a lot,” Perez said. “They do. And my goal is not not to lead, but to serve. I cannot lead without serving first.”

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