Midterms 2022 local results: Valero holds lead over Harness in supervisor race

District 4 incumbent Eddie Valero leads challenger Scott Harness for the district four Tulare County Board of Supervisors seat

TULARE COUNTY – Though the race is not completely over for several who are running in local and nationwide elections, several votes have been counted, giving those in Tulare County an idea of who will be serving residents for the next few years.

After the final election update results were released once polls closed on Nov. 8,  Eddie Valero held the lead in the race for his seat on the Tulare County Board of Supervisors over challenger Scott Harness. Valero is currently the chairman of the board and has been serving since 2018. Harness put up a good fight against Valero. He is a real estate agent with experience serving on Dinuba’s city council from 2010 to 2018. 

According to the final election summary report from the Tulare County Elections Office, Valero has received 52.6% of the votes where Harness has received 47.4% of votes. That is currently a difference of 408 votes. The elections office has 36 days to certify results. Updates will be provided in the coming days.


District 20

Incumbent Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) has been serving Californians in his district since 2006, and after this election, he is likely to become the next speaker of the house. Marisa Wood (Democratic), a Bakersfield teacher of 25 years, was inspired by the families of her students to run, so she could give back to the community. After the first night, she would need to double the amount of votes she has received to reach McCarthy. Currently, McCarthy has 67.6% where Wood only has 32.4%, a separation of 35,753 votes. 

After redrawing the district, it starts with a portion of Auberry, down to include Clovis, Squaw Valley and Three Rivers. The district is carved around Exeter and Farmersville to include portions of southern Visalia east to Lemoore and then back including the Northwest portions of Tulare and Porterville. Additionally it includes Springville, Tehachapi, Taft, parts of Bakersfield, Lebec and Ridgecrest.

District 21

Jim Costa (D-Fresno) has held his seat in the House of Representatives since 2005. Michael Maher (Republican) is a businessman who wanted to stand up for the electorate. He gave Costa a run, but was down after the first night’s election results. Maher has gathered 46.6% and Costa 53.4%. They are currently separated by 4,586 votes. 

The 21st District now covers the majority of Fresno, and includes Selma, Fowler, Kingsburg, Sanger, Reedly, Orange Cove, Cutler, North Visalia and then Farmersville, Exeter and Woodlake.

District 22

Rudy Salas (Democratic) currently holds a seat in the State Assembly, and has since 2012, and he took a run at long term incumbent congressman David Valadao (R-Hanford), but seems to be falling short. After final election night results, Valadao is up with 54.0% district wide where Salas has gathered 46.0%.

Valadao has been in office for many years, starting in 2010 with an assembly seat, he then moved to a congressional seat in 2012 where he remains. The new lines show that District 22 covers Avenal, most of Hanford, the other half of Tulare and the majority of Porterville. It also stretches down to cover Delano, Lost Hills, Wasco, Shafter and a large portion of Bakersfield.

State Senate

District 12

Redistricting does not appear to have an effect on Incumbent Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) throughout her run for the District 12 seat throughout the primaries and now the general election. Grove is leading the race over Susanne Gundy (Democratic) by twice as many votes. Gundy is not a career politician, but has run for a handful of local races in the past. Grove so far has gathered 68.7% district wide, where Gundy has only gathered 31.3%. They are separated by 48,678 votes.

Grove has held her seat since 2018. Her new district encompasses from Clovis to right below Mammoth Lakes all the way down to include Ridgecrest, California City and Tehachapi. The district curves around Bakersfield to include Taft and back up to the outskirts of Porterville and around Lindsay. Additionally it reaches out to grab Exeter, half of Tulare and the majority of Visalia. 

District 16

Incumbent Melissa Hurtado (D-Sanger), is down overall after the first night of election results. David Shepard, a fourth generation valley farmer, threw his hat in the race and ran against Hurtado. District wide, Shepard has received about 3,000 more votes than Hurtado. Shepard is currently showing to have garnered 52.6%, where Hurtado has garnered 47.4% district wide. 

The 16th district now includes portions of Kings and Tulare County and even parts of Bakersfield. The district starts by wrapping around the northern portion of Visalia and curves back to include Hanford, Lemoore and Avenal. Additionally it grabs the main portion of Bakersfield, back up to include Delano, Porterville and half of Tulare.

State Assembly 

District 33

Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) was challenged by a familiar face in this year’s general election. Jose Sigala  (Democratic) currently serves on Tulare City Council. Sigala ran in the 2016 and 2018 general elections against Mathis and once again, this year Mathis is up after the first night of elections, with 63.1% of votes gathered in the district. Sigala on the other hand has 36.9%, with a separation of 13,056 votes. 

It doesn’t appear that redistricting has hurt Mathis’s chances at reelection. Formerly the incumbent of Assembly District 26, his district now stretches from Reedley, Selma, Kingsburg, Woodlake and the northern portion of Visalia to include Hanford and Lemoore. It also includes the majority of Tulare and Porterville as well as Avenal and all areas North of Delano. 

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