County Supervisor doubles as chairman for board, Farmer Bob’s World

Tulare County Supervisor Eddie Valero dons the title of chairman for nonprofit Farmer Bob’s World’s board of directors

IVANHOE – The current chairman for the Tulare County Board of Supervisors will take a second seat at the center of the conference table as board chairman for Farmer Bob’s World. 

Eddie Valero, the recently re-elected District 4 Tulare County supervisor, was named as the chairman for the board of directors at Farmer Bob’s World in Ivanhoe. Valero is an Orosi resident whose father labored as a farmworker for over 30 years. He recognizes the momentum Farmer Bob’s World has built over the past four years, and said he is committed to growing and strengthening the organization during his chairmanship by maintaining its steadfast mission of agricultural education at the operating citrus farm.

Eddie Valero
District 4 Board Supervisor

“I believe in this organization, its mission and vision to help serve our youth and families,” Valero said. “I know how critical the citrus industry is to the Central Valley and the entire world. I also believe Farmer Bob’s World has the passion to educate, inspire and raise the next generation of farmers in the region.” 

Valero was named as the chairman at the board of director’s annual November meeting, succeeding former chair Gary Caviglia. Caviglia is an Ivanhoe grower who served two terms as board’s chairman and guided the organization through its infancy, as well as the pandemic. As the newly instated chairman, Valero will serve two years with an opportunity to carry on with the position, so long as he has approval from the board of directors.

On his goals as chairman of Farmer Bob’s World, Valero detailed his plans to include increasing financial capacity, engaging more partners in the vision and mission of the organization, creating a membership drive and adding a few more board members.

“Eddie is an enthusiastic and talented, creative person,”  Bob McKellar, founder of Farmer Bob’s World, said. “Under his leadership, we expect the board to develop an enthusiastic and effective plan to bring Farmer Bob’s World to maturity.” 

Additionally, the plans include executing a recently adopted five-year plan to take Farmer Bob’s World into the status as a major destination for the area. According to a press release from Farmer Bob’s World, although visitors from all over the world come to the organization, the board also wants to make sure the local community participates in the nonprofit’s learning opportunities as well. According to the Farmer Bob’s World website, the organization educates the public about agriculture and the ways that nutritious food is cultivated. 

Additional aspects of the five-year plan for the organization include: launching an appeal to the 63 area citrus packing houses and the 2,000-plus citrus growers to get them to become individual sponsors; the creation of a Citrus Festival, starting with a 5K race on April 1, 2023, which will then be followed by a four-day festival. Also scheduled for 2023 is the organization’s annual Tree to Table dinner, set to take place on Friday, May 5.

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