Remodel begins at Woodlake Downtown Studio

The city of Woodlake begins remodeling a vacant property in its downtown, which will be a new studio for dance and exercise groups to use

WOODLAKE – The community has flocked to the Woodlake Community Center in recent years for recreation and involvement. However, the city quickly began to realize they needed more space, giving way to a new studio.

The Woodlake Downtown Studio is the city’s newest project, and is planned to house multiple dancing groups, exercise groups and wrestling teams. The studio is part of the city’s parks and recreation services expansion, and is expected to be open in August of this year.

“While the Woodlake Community Center has been a great success, the city has seen a need for more floor space to accommodate [community] groups. This will also help mitigate the wear and tear and overcrowding at the Community Center,” city manager Ramon Lara stated in a Feb. 27 city council agenda.

The new studio will include a large patio area on the back of the building, as well as a seating area in the front. It will be fixated with large windows and will have brick veneer and lighting to adorn the outside, much like Munchies Coffee. Not only that, but the inside of the studio will have vaulted ceilings, a rollup door, restrooms and an office space. The large windows and rollup door will allow for natural light and air to enter the building when weather permits.

The studio will be complete with concrete finished floors and rollup mats that will allow for adequate floor surfaces for all types of groups. The north wall of the building will include a mirror and rail to assist dance and exercise groups during practice sessions.

The property sits in downtown Woodlake on 157 N. Valencia Blvd., adjacent to Woodlake Hardware Store. The city completed a majority of the demolition that had to take place for the property, and is  now working with suppliers and contractors to secure the necessary materials to begin the remodel. The current budget for the remodel and equipment is roughly $300,000.00 and will be funded by Measure R, the city’s sales tax.

Woodlake hosts many community groups in their city facilities, including Zumba, Tai Chi, Folklorico Del Lago and much more.

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