Lindsay lays down the law in paw park

The Lindsay City Council approves changes in ordinance for the newest Lindsay Paw Park

LINDSAY – The Lindsay City Council approved a change to their ordinance for the Lindsay Paw Park with the hope of keeping pets and people on their best behavior.

At their March 28 meeting, Lindsay City Council members approved multiple changes to the rules for their newest park.  In the ordinance, the city outlined what animals are allowed in the park, what they can do in the park, as well as rules for their owners, too.

The change to the ordinance specifically designated the area to function as a dog park. It will allow for only dogs, and prohibits any other animal from being released in the park, such as reptiles, horses, cats or any other domesticated animal.

Not only that, but according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) service animals must be harnessed or leashed, unless it interferes with the service animal’s work or if the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. In that case, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal or other means of controls.

Additionally no one at the park will be allowed to tease, annoy, disturb, catch, injure or harm any animal. It will be unlawful to throw any stone of any kind, or strike with any stick or weapon, at any animal, bird, or fowl at the park.

The park sits on the corner of Elmwood and Tulare Road, and will feature a fenced in area for dog owners to let their dogs roam and run. It was approved just this year at the Feb. 28 city council meeting, and is set to be completed later this year. Police chief Rick Carrillo presented the idea on behalf of the Lindsay Kiwanis Club, alongside city staff.


Also discussed at the March 28 meeting was appointing members for the city’s newest ad hoc committee. At a Feb. 28 meeting, the council approved the formation of the “City Sign Ordinance Ad-Hoc Committee” and appointed Mayor Angel Cerros and Council Member Rosaena Sanchez. The purpose of the committee is to make recommendations on amendments to the city’s current sign ordinance.

Currently, the council is looking for members to sit on this committee, and though the council has brought names to the table, they are once again pushing this item to their next meeting for a vote. This comes after having already been brought before council three different times.

The committee will be composed of five members, two of which sit on the council, one local business owner, one representative from the chamber of commerce and one representative from the Lindsay Murals team.

This ad-hoc committee would abide by Brown Act guidelines, generally serve a single purpose, and would be dissolved when amendments to the city’s sign ordinance were adopted. The committee would meet to provide city staff with recommendations regarding the proposed amendments to the current sign ordinance.

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