Future cannabis events become high priority in Woodlake

The city of Woodlake deliberates on opening their doors to future cannabis events, which would allow people to consume and sell marijuana at events

WOODLAKE – The city of Woodlake is looking into expanding their current ordinance and regulations, which would allow cannabis to be enjoyed at local events.

Woodlake has had a booming cannabis business since the recreational sale of marijuana was legalized. Not only are they racking in nearly $1 million extra in tax revenue, but they are also a notable cannabis hot spot throughout the county, putting them on future customers’ radars. But the city is wanting to push their cannabis success even further, and is deliberating if they should open their doors for cannabis events. A change to their regulations and ordinance could allow cannabis to be sold and consumed at events.

Currently, business and retail are the only areas cannabis is allowed within city limits. This is limited to retail, both brick and mortar and online, as well as cultivation, distribution, manufacturing and testing. In order to host events allowing the selling and consumption of cannabis, the city would need a dual license process from the state, in addition to local jurisdiction approval. Outside of this, the California Department of Cannabis Control requires only two licenses to operate an event within the city, which is an event organizer license and a temporary event license.

In order to make this change happen, there are some rules that the city, and the distributor would have to abide by, such as:

  1. Only entities that hold a city of Woodlake issued cannabis regulatory permit and city of Woodlake business license may host an event.
  2. State of California Cannabis Retail or micro license permits may provide onsite sales of cannabis goods at the event, and only if those entities have been identified in the application for the cannabis event permit
  3. An applicant for a cannabis event permit must identify any individuals and/or entities that will provide onsite sales of cannabis goods at the event, affirm that these sellers hold Woodlake business license, and demonstrate that it will take steps sufficient to reasonably ensure that no undisclosed or unpermitted sellers will operate at the event.
  4. All cannabis event organizers will be required to submit a security plan that contains information related to how the applicant will secure the premises, limit loitering around entrances and exits, manage potential crowds, control diversion, manage security and identify appropriate personnel.
  5. The cannabis event organizer will ensure the limited access area will not be visible to the public. This area should be clearly identified on the premises diagram and fenced.

The event plans will also be reviewed by the Woodlake Police Department.


At the April 10 city council meeting, the city also discussed their current tax rates for cannabis. The city conducted a study recently to assess their rates in relation to other local cities that are of comparable size, such as Farmersville, Hanford, Lemoore, Fresno, Coalinga, San Luis Obispo and Santa Rosa.

The Woodlake Tax 2023 Rates are as follows:

  • Retail (Storefront & Non-Storefront) 5% of Gross Receipts
  • Cultivation – Full Flower $6 per Square Foot
  • Cultivation- Nursery $2 per Square Foot
  • Manufacturing 2% of Gross Receipts
  • Distribution 1% of Gross Receipts
  • Distribution- Self Transport 0%
  • Testing 0%

Currently, Santa Rosa has the lowest flower cultivation tax at $5 per square foot, but Woodlake comes in second. Fresno and Santa Rosa have the lowest retail tax, ranging from 3-4%, while Woodlake sits at 5%. Woodlake has the lowest manufacturing and distribution rates behind Santa Rosa.

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