Farmersville No parking zone frees drivers from traffic

City council is adding new signs to Freedom Drive in order to lessen traffic near Farmersville schools during the day

FARMERSVILLE – The city council has decided to combat hazardous traffic that impedes parents from dropping kids off at school with a new no parking zone on Freedom Drive.

On May 8 at the Farmersville City Council meeting it was decided that a no parking zone will be added to Freedom Drive. The addition of the no parking zone is to combat the congestion of Freedom Drive and Walnut Avenue during school hours. City council member Greg Gomez brought it to the council’s attention this week.

“There have been vehicles parked on that side of the street, and it causes the traffic to back up. Sometimes it backs up all the way down to freedom and the district office,” Gomez said.

The council plans to add the no parking zone in the next couple months by adding 150 feet of red curb to Freedom Drive starting at the intersection with Walnut Avenue. On top of the red curb, the city is adding three no parking signs to inform drivers they cannot park there between 7:30am and 4:30 pm.

These additions will alleviate traffic that might prohibit drivers from being able to turn right on Walnut Avenue. This will create no parking zone of 20+ cars during rush hours.

“There’s some parents that drop off their kids to elementary school and then need to go back to towards the main city to make a westward turn, but then there’s a majority of parents that drop off their children at the high school and so they need to be able to make that right turn unimpeded,” Gomez said.

The expense of the no parking zone is expected to be minimal since red paint and three signs are all that is required. The council considers it to be a worthy investment to improve the traffic surrounding the elementary and high school.

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