Starbucks brews up plans to join Exeter

(Rigo Moran)

Exeter Planning Commission looks to decide if a Starbucks should replace existing Burger King franchise

EXETER – The  community of Exeter might be able to calm their caffeine buzz as the city considers adding a Starbucks to Visalia Road.

Exeter Planning Commission will meet on May 18 to discuss the proposal of the demolition of the current Burger King on 1118 West Visalia Rd. and the construction of Starbucks in its place. Starbucks proposed to the planning committee that they renovate the landscape and parking lot to allow for more cars.

The renovation includes demolishing and rebuilding two walls to make the structure more in line with the Starbucks brand, as well as renovate the front patio space. The parking lot will also be redesigned to accommodate a larger queue for the drive-thru and have a more centralized parking area. The overall structure will remain approximately 2,584 square feet.

Assuming the planning commission approves the proposal, Starbucks will have up to a year to get a building permit issued.

“Staff is recommending approval. And generally speaking, the planning commission has been supportive  of commercial development along the Visalia Road corridor,” Tristan Suire, assistant city planner said.

Assuming everything goes smoothly with the licensing agreements and structure of the existing building, it’s more likely that Starbucks will rush to get their building permit to avoid construction during rainy months.

“They don’t want to wait till it rains again. I would be surprised if they wait more than a couple of months to pull a building permit,” Suire said.

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