Schuil Ag Real Estate rebrands into new era

Schuil Ag Real Estate undergoes a new look with a name, logo update to establish a clearer sense of identity as it expands to other markets

VISALIA – The former Schuil & Associates is no more – the brokerage has unveiled a rebrand and will now enter new markets and expand its presence outside of central California as Schuil Ag Real Estate.

The new look and moniker reflect a new era for the company, which is poised for growth in 2023. The agency’s president and principal Doug Phillips described this change as representative of the brokerage’s long standing focus and expertise in the ag industry.

“Over the past 40 years, our teams continue to innovate in order to best serve businesses and the people we work with,” Phillips said. “The rebrand reflects how that business has grown, who we are today and our continued investment in the future.”

As the ag industry continues to change and the needs of their customers evolve, the Schuil team has expanded and grown to address those needs.

As the company works towards expanding its reach outside of the Central Valley, Schuil noted that the rebrand will provide a better sense of clarity on the agency’s service. It won’t impact the company’s operations as a real estate agency for farmlands and agricultural properties, however; only take it further as it continues to grow.

“Our commitment to providing exceptional service and performance to ag land buyers and sellers is who Schuil always has been, and who we always will be,” Phillips said.

In 2022, the brokerage oversaw transactions of over 6,024 acres in specialty crops, over 8,479 acres in dairy sales and over 17,329 acres in open land and development properties across the Central Valley. According to Schuil, the agency is positioned for even more volume in 2023, aiding clients with selling and purchasing all types of ag land while navigating the complex process of 1,031 exchanges.

When the company first started operation 40 years ago, its beginnings were in the city of Dinuba before it established its headquarters in Visalia about 15 to 20 years ago, by Phillips’ account. It also has an office in the neighboring region Kern County, in the city of Bakersfield.

Phillips has led the agency since 2021, and is the first non-family member to hold the position since the company originated. He is the fourth president to take the role in the company’s history and according to Schuil Ag Real Estate, Phillips has brought fresh eyes and similar values to the team, with a focus on stewardship.

“We’ve really invested in our staff in recent years,” Philips said. “I think that really shows in the quality of marketing our company has elevated to in recent years.”

Along with the company’s expanded focus, Schuil Ag Real Estate has also recently hired some new faces to join their team as they continue to grow. Carolina Evangelo has been named as the company’s new marketing director, and Paige Sweeney (Gilkey) was promoted to senior operations director. According to the company, this is furthering the brokerage’s vision for the future and setting their clients up for success in 2023 and beyond.

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