Officer Nave’s passion for Lindsay learners earns national recognition

The National Association of School Resource Officers will present their newest award to officer Adriana Nave of the Lindsay Police Department on June 30 in Indianapolis

LINDSAY – The National Association of School Resource Officers has announced that they will present their newest award to officer Adriana Nave of the Lindsay Police Department. Their SRO Social Award is given to a school resource officer who effectively uses social media to promote the SRO position, department and school.

Officer Nave explained that her goal is to keep her social media positive and about law enforcement while still showing the reality of what the field is like. She doesn’t shield Lindsay’s students from the harsh reality that officers are in a dangerous position, but she thinks that helps prepare students for real life.

“Watching these kids grow up, mature, become young adults. I hope that I’m making a little bit of an impact,” Nave said.

Officer Nave explained that she didn’t expect to be nominated for any of NASRO’s awards. However she said she feels “honored” to be considered for the award. But Nave’s work isn’t only being recognized by the NASRO. Her efforts have been noticed at the district as well.

Laura Cortes, Lindsay Unified School’s director of student services, explained what officer Nave does as Lindsay’s SRO and Liaison between the police department and school district. According to Cortes, officer Nave’s ability to connect with people online started with her passion and knowledge of the community.

“She knows the community very well. People respect her, she’s able to communicate with just about anyone in our community, she’s bilingual, and people identify with her,” Cortes said.

Officer Nave is able to communicate with parents and students through a variety of different programs such as human trafficking courses, restorative circles that help students with trauma and managing disciplinary issues.

According to Cortes, officer Nave started using instagram to reach the community about three years ago. She began by making posts and videos for the district on topics such as how to cross the street safely and how to deal with bullying.

“She does it with an open heart and she’s dedicated and passionate for the community that she has said she doesn’t see this as her job, but rather as a calling and her passion,” Cortes said.

Officer Nave will receive the award at NASRO’s 33rd annual National School Safety Conference takes place June 28 through July 3 at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis. It provides networking opportunities to SROs and other law enforcement officers, as well as school security and safety officials, school board members, administrators and anyone interested in school safety.

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