El Diamante students take an AVID interest in their future

(Kenny Goodman)

The Advancement Via Individual Determination program brings 63 students together to celebrate their post-high school plans

VISALIA – El Diamante held their college signing day for seniors to show their determination in completing their journey as AVID students.

About 250 students came to support El Diamante’s AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students on Friday, May 19, while they signed pledges to their respective colleges.  A total of 63 seniors who have participated in the AVID program for the last 3-6 years signed pledges this year as they approach graduation.

The AVID program is a 4-year program designed for students who have the goal of attending college after high school but who often come from backgrounds underrepresented on college campuses. According to the AVID website, 76% of AVID seniors are from a low socioeconomic status background, and 86% are underrepresented students.

The program helps teach dedicated students the necessary skills for academic success. Out of the students that take part in the program 90% of them are accepted to 4-year college programs and 84% continue to their second year.

Out of El Diamante’s graduating class, 58% of their seniors will be going straight to a 4-year university, while out of El Diamante’s AVID seniors, 62/63 students will be attending college and 1 will be entering military service with the US Marines.

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