Local business owner rolls film on friday night car event

Gloss Empire Auto Detail Supply owner Jose Murguia prepares to host a Friday Night Food Truck & Movie Night, brings Tulare community together, keep individuals out of trouble

TULARE – A local business owner has created a plan that will help him stress the importance of a community doing life together, by providing them with an event and place to hang out on Friday nights.

On May 31, local business owner Jose Murguia received preliminary approval from the site plan review for a special event series he is planning. Murguia owns Gloss Empire Auto Detail Supply on Hillman Street in Tulare and plans to host a Friday Night Food Truck & Movie Night for Tulare residents behind his business. Murguia said the inspiration behind the event was to bring the community together while also providing something for people of all ages to do on Friday nights to stay out of trouble.

“The reason we’re doing this is because we keep hearing the young folks say there’s nothing to do and they end up getting in trouble,” Murguia said. “[The event has] a little bit of everything. I want to kind of mix the young people and as well as the people my age, I’m 50.”

The next step to get Murguia’s event series up and running is for him to apply for a temporary conditional use permit (CUP) which is required by the city to operate an event. The Friday Night Food Truck & Movie Night event will take place throughout the months of June to November. Murguia said they will start off with the event every other Friday night and possibly switch to every Friday night depending on the turnout. If all permitting goes well, he is hopeful they will start on the third Friday in June.

“From everything we heard yesterday in the meeting with the planning commission, everything sounded like everybody was on board and nobody had any issues,” Murguia said. “So we’re hoping that they approve it.”

There will be a multitude of different things for attendees to do according to Murguia. He said because the event is open to families and all residents ranging in age, they will have different activities for individuals to participate in. Each week participants can guarantee there will be an outdoor movie, typically in genre relating to cars, shown on a professional grade projector and screen. There will also be a variety of food trucks to choose from as well as multiple specialty cars on display.

“As far as the food trucks, I already have spoken to about five…to seven that have committed and said they would love to do something like that,” Murguia said. “As far as the movies [will] mostly have to do with cars, of course, because it’s the car community.”

Depending on the crowd, Murguia said they will also have some different events such as tug-of-war or pie eating contests, water balloon toss, foot races or any other variety of games. There is a football field size space behind Murguia’s store where their business currently holds a monthly “cars and coffee” event and other occasional larger scale events. It is off the beaten path providing privacy for participants as well as safety from traffic as well as enough space for an event of this scale.

“That way we don’t interfere, one with the flow of traffic in the center and upset our neighbors, but at the same time, it’s kind of secluded,” Murguia said.

Murguia moved to Tulare three years ago after he said he fell in love with the area. He said his goal is to better the community in any way he can and is grateful to have his business and have it be self-sustaining. But he said his business is not the reason why he hosts community events. He wants to bring the community together and provide an outlet for individuals of all ages who are involved in cars, or even for those who are not but want to learn.

“I think the biggest thing to stress is that [the event] is family friendly. I’m a family man, I have three kids and at the end of the day, it’s about the community doing life together, like in everything,” Murguia said.

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