Dryvebox takes swing at downtown Tulare location

Local entrepreneur Matt Taylor enters planning process to bring Dryvebox Golf Lounge, Tulare LLC to downtown Tulare, has two golf simulators and a bar

TULARE – As downtown Tulare continues to gain traction from local entrepreneurs and developers, the newest business hopes to drive more traffic with a classic golf and beer pairing.

Local entrepreneur Matt Taylor, owner of NextLevel Grips has entered the planning process of bringing a Dryvebox Golf Lounge, Tulare LLC to downtown Tulare. Taylor said the goal is to have the golf lounge completed by September of this year hoping all goes well. The lounge will be home to two indoor golf simulators as well as a homebase for the local mobile Dryvebox when it is not out and about at events throughout the Valley.

“We’ve kind of come together and are really trying to help revitalize downtown Tulare and kind of give it a shot in the arm with dryvebox,” Taylor said.

The golf lounge will be located at 132 East Kern in Tulare in a store front of what is known as the old Elks building. Michael and Jocelyn Lemus purchased the building, have been renovating it and slowly finding local businesses to fill the store fronts. The next step for Taylor is to continue the permitting process and apply for a conditional use permit (CUP). According to Mario Anaya, Tulare’s community development director, a CUP is necessary for Taylor’s business for two reasons: it is considered an indoor amusement and for the liquor license.

“We got the preliminary plan approved yesterday, they don’t see any roadblocks as we move forward,” Taylor said. “Our projected date that we’re shooting for is September 1, open.”

Once the CUP is approved by the planning commission, Taylor can move full speed ahead with business plans. The property is 1,200 square feet and will contain two simulator golf bays–one is  private and another will have room for individuals to sit and watch. There will also be a small bar area for spectators as well as individuals who may just want to come in for a beer. It will share a 5,000-square-foot fenced back patio area with a neighboring property, the old Toledo Jewelry building.

Other local entrepreneur Adrian Herrera has purchased the old Toledo Jewelry building and is in the process of renovating it. The bottom floor of the building will contain a tap room, arcade and Taylor’s business NextLevel Performance Golf Studio. His space in Herrera’s building is where he will service clubs and do custom fittings so he has an additional simulator in this location as well.

Taylor said he is working with a Fresno Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) license representative to get the ball rolling for their liquor license. He will be applying for a type 40 on sale beer license. According to the California ABC website, this type of license is for a bar/tavern. It authorizes the sale of beer for consumption on or off the premises where sold, but no wine or distilled spirits may be on the premises. Full meals are not required; but, sandwiches or snacks must be available and minors are allowed on the premises.

Jocelyn Lemus said they are excited to have Dryvebox come into their building. However, they are still looking for local entrepreneurs to bring more business. In addition to Taylor’s business, Jocelyn said they are working with a coffee shop for one store front, but still have availability for an additional 5,000-plus-square-foot basement as well as an additional 1,200-square-foot storefront.

“We are very excited about Dryvebox and hope to find a few more local small businesses that will draw more people and families downtown,” Jocelyn said.

Dryvebox is a company based out of San Francisco. They have different mobile boxes and have just begun expanding throughout the states. The mobile boxes have a golf simulator and are taken to different events, bars, personal parties and more. Taylor opened Dryvebox Tulare about two months ago and said it has been successful. There is a membership that goes with the company.

Having a brick and mortar location, allows members to have a place to access the mobile box when it is not out and about at events. The membership will also be a part of the brick and mortar location. Members have priority on bays as well as other amenities. The golf lounge is not the first of its kind, so it is a fairly easy process from the Dryvebox perspective.

“We’re really trying to build community down there,” Taylor said “Walk-ins will be welcomed, but we’re definitely pushing it as more of a tight knit community membership.”

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