Farmersville High student schools her way to national recognition

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Farmersville sophomore Daniela N Marquez Gutierrez receives scholarly recognition by becoming a member of National Society of High School Scholars

ATLANTA, GA – A Farmersville High School student’s hard work has paid off. After achieving 10th Grade Student of the Year in the Business program this past school year, she has now become a lifetime member of the National Society of High School Scholars.

On June 2, the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) announced Farmersville High School  (FHS) student Daniela N Marquez Gutierrez was selected to become a member of the organization. The Society recognizes top scholars who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, scholarship and community commitment.

“I feel very overjoyed, I was really happy. It’s a big thing for me to tell my mom about and she’s very excited,” Marquez Gutierrez said. “At first, I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but one of my teachers was actually really nice and she paid for it.”

NSHSS members automatically become lifetime members at the time of their initial membership. Marquez Gutierrez said she is excited to have this opportunity, which was made possible by one of her teachers who paid her membership fee.

“They [NSHSS] have to have a lot of cool stuff, they have things like they take you to see colleges, they have tours and they have a lot of opportunities for scholarships as well,” Marquez Gutierrez said.

Marquez Gutierrez will be a Junior next year at FHS and will be able to take advantage of the benefits of the society throughout her last years of high school. NSHSS is a society that provides students with several opportunities including college tours and scholarship opportunities. Specifically, according to the NSHSS, the society helps to advance the goals and aspirations of high-achieving students through learning experience, scholarships, internships, international study and peer networks.

Even though Marquez Gutierrez just finished her sophomore year, she already has aspirations to go to Emory University in Georgia. She chose this particular university because she said it has a good business school and she wants to major in accounting and finance. As she continues her high school education, she is taking Advanced Placement courses as well as college courses.

“Daniela was one of my best students in the AP Spanish Literature class. She is one of the top students in her class,” Isabel Vasquez, Marquez Gutierrez’s AP Spanish Literature teacher said. “[And she] was recognized as the 10th Grade Student of the Year in the Business program.”

Vasquez also noted that Marquez Gutierrez, as an exceptional student who is enrolled in FHS’ business pathway, has even begun her own business selling crocheted flowers.

NSHSS is an organization that connects outstanding young scholars with resources needed to develop their strengths and pursue their passions.

“We are proud to provide lifetime membership to young scholars to support their growth and development,” co-founder and president James W. Lewis said. “We help students like Daniela build on their academic success by connecting them with learning experiences and resources to help prepare them for college and meaningful careers.”

According to the NSHSS website, the society recognizes young scholars who have demonstrated excellence through their academic achievements based on objective criteria, including grades and test scores. Students must meet any one of the following criteria to be considered for membership: 

  • 3.5 Cumulative GPA (4.0 Scale) or higher (or equivalent such as 88 on a 100-point scale)
  • 1280 SAT score or higher
  • 1150 PSAT score or higher
  • 26 ACT score or higher
  • Score 4 or higher on any AP exam
  • Total combined IB test scores of 36 or higher
  • IGCSE Grade A or higher
  • Top 10% rank in class

The one time is a $90 fee for a NSHSS lifetime membership. The program currently has over 1.7 million members in over 170 countries according to the NSHSS. For more information about the NSHSS visit

This year, Anasol Martinez, also a student at Farmersville High School received this recognition as well as Ariana Rodriguez who received the recognition last year.

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