Visalia’s First Friday features “Shrek 2”

(Rigo Moran)

Locals can head to downtown Visalia to experience an immersive showing of “Shrek 2” along with local art exhibits and activities for Art Consortium’s First Friday

VISALIA – Families, friends and movie-lovers can take a trudge through the swamp with an immersive showing of “Shrek 2” at the Art Consortium’s upcoming First Friday art event at the Fox Theatre.

On Aug. 4, downtown Viaslia will become a hub of artists and interactive activities. There will be a range of exhibits and projects, such as the free interactive movie night at Fox Theatre, which will be showing Shrek 2.

Interested locals shouldn’t dally, because the first 100 people to show up to the event will receive free interactive kits to help bring the classic movie to life. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the show begins at 6:30 p.m.

According to Ampelio Mejia Perez, the executive director of the event, Fox Theatre is essentially creating an experience akin to the Rocky Horror show, albeit much more family friendly.

“It’s sort of scripted, so that the interactive goodie bags will come alive at specific times,” he said. “Our partners at the Fox will actually be leading the program.”

Other activities include the costume contest, where Visalians and other showgoers are encouraged to show off their craftiness and creativity. Whoever shows up to the movie in the best fairytale costume will be awarded $200, so showgoers are advised to dress to impress.

Perez hopes the event, which has been around for a decade, will help to increase artistic awareness in Visalia, and ultimately contribute to the state’s overall creative economy.

“We really believe that not only are the arts super important to our community, but they’re sort of underrepresented in our particular area,” he said. “I think a lot of people don’t understand the full (personal and communal) potential of the arts.”

Along with the Shrek showing at the Fox, there will be other fun venues to check out around the city, featuring local art and activities, each of them admission-free like the fantasy movie party.

“The main art exhibits happen at Arts Visalia, and the Brandon-Mitchell gallery,” Perez said. “Those are usually purely art exhibits in the traditional sense.”

One of the event’s activities, hosted by T.O.B Graphic Designers, will be a DIY session where people will not only learn about design, but also get to take home something they custom made.

In total, the event will be scattered across 7 venues. To find the location of each of them, as well more details about the event as a whole, visit the arts consortium website.

Residents can also follow the art consortium’s social media for direct updates, which is @artsconsortium on Facebook and Instagram.

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