COS makes Forbes’ Top 100 as a ‘best small employer’

College of the Sequoias students walking under the patio.(Rigo Moran)

Visalia’s College of the Sequoias ranks 97 in the top 100 of Forbes’ America’s Best Small Employers list for 2023

VISALIA – The College of the Sequoias (COS) was just named one of the top 300 best small employers in America by Forbes, ranking in at number 97. While skeptical at first, the faculty was nothing but excited once they learned how thorough the ranking system was.

“You just never know what the validity of some of the articles that are put out, or how legitimate (their) data is,” said Lauren Fishback, the school’s marketing and public relations director. “We were really excited once we found out more information.”

The news first broke at the facility when a member of the staff brought the article to the attention of Brent R. Calvin, the president of the school. While members of the community had mentioned it previously, the staff didn’t really believe it until they did some digging.

“We like to kind of look at and dive a little bit deeper as to what measurements are being used to determine this information,” Fishback said. “Once we dove deeper into the details, we were like ‘oh wow, they did a great job’.”

Forbes’ ranking system drew from a pool of 10,000 small businesses, identifying them by the number of employees they had. As a global media company that focuses on business, investing, technology etc., their definition of a small employer was “companies employing between 200 and 1,000 employees.”

After partnering with Statista, a market research firm, Forbes employed a large array of assessment tools – ranging from anonymous surveys to text analysis of various social sites – in order to compile the list down to the top 300 employers.

Education was the most represented industry on the list, accounting for 20% of the 300 employers, meaning there were approximately 60 schools featured. Only 16 schools made the top 100, including COS.

Serving over 12,000 students across its three campuses, COS is a vital part of Tulare County. According to Fishback, the faculty is full of wonderful people, who only want the best for their students.

“A majority of the people who work here are really lovely individuals, who have really good intentions,” she said. “We want the best for our students.”

The school has over 55 career technical education programs, participates in 14 different sports, and also  has several student help programs, such as the English as a Second Language program.

“We have such a large variety of courses, programs, certificates, degrees,” Fishback said. “Even if you don’t want to complete a certificate or a degree, you can just come and take an art class or a dance class.”

While the fall semester is already underway, prospective students can visit the COS website to learn more about their programs and how to apply for the spring semester.

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