Visalia committee seats up for grabs

(Rigo Moran)

Two city committees experience vacancies in their seats, which they hope to fill with residents who have a passion for city politics

VISALIA – Any Visalia residents looking to get more involved in city matters now have the chance as both the city’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) and the Historic Preservation Committee (HPC) have vacant seats they’re looking to fill.

On Aug. 16, it was announced that CAC has three vacant seats, and its sister committee HPC has one vacant seat. All four seats can be filled by almost any citizen living or working within the urban areas outlined by Visalia Unified School District’s boundaries.

“City committees and commissions serve in an advisory capacity for the city council,” said Michelle Nicholson, chief deputy city clerk, of the City of Visalia in a press release. “Each is different, but they all receive public concerns, review policies and regulations, provide valuable insight and are instrumental to the public process.”

The historic committee looks for four main things in an applicant: relevant professional or business qualifications, ownership of property within the district, and exceptional civic interest. Once on the committee, the chosen resident would help the HPC to ‘administer and carry out the standards and specifications of the Historic Preservation Ordinance.’

While the qualifications for those who are interested in the three vacant CAC seats aren’t available on the city’s website, they would be expected to act as liaisons between the residents of Visalia and the city’s council.

Whoever fills the HPC seat will be expected to remain in position for two years, and will be tasked with attending meetings on the second and fourth Wednsedays of the month. Those who fill the CAC seats will be expected to attend meetings on the first Wednesday of the month, among other weekly duties.

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