Exeter assists with Lindsay housing renovation

Photo by Rigo Moran

City council agrees to share unused Permanent Local Housing Allocation funds with a housing renovation project in Lindsay to further the development of low income housing in the region

EXETER – In a show of support for low-income housing developments in local communities, the city of Exeter is continuing to hand over their state funding for low-income housing to surrounding cities instead of returning money to the state.

In July 2020, the city of Exeter was granted $589,562 over five years to put towards low-income housing development. However, not having any pressing need for it, the city chose to pass the money off to a housing development in Farmersville.

Fast forward three years later, Farmersville’s low-income housing development, Los Arroyos, is wrapping up ahead of schedule and instead of returning those funds to the state, the remaining two years-worth of money will go toward a housing restoration project in Lindsay.

“I think the council felt good about it since we don’t have any projects right in Exeter that were ready to fit the mold, (so having it) go to cities adjacent to us and helping there is still getting that housing in our area,” city manager Adam Ennis said.

In September, the city of Exeter was contacted by Self-Help Enterprises about the grant they had received from the Permanent Local Housing Allocation (PLHA) they designated for Farmersville in 2020. Self-Help, in collaboration with Tulare County, received notice that Farmersville would not need all five years of the PLHA funding for the project.

According to an Exeter staff report from the council meeting on Oct. 10, the city does not have any current development planned that would be an eligible project, nor the resources available to create a project for this program within the time constraints for the funding.

“The big challenge is making sure we’re going to meet the requirements that the state has for (low-income) housing,” Ennis said.

The city is working with a consultant on their housing element to prepare a project for the next time they apply for the PLHA funding, but they don’t have one they could start working on currently. However, instead of giving the money back to the state, Self-Help found another project in the area that the money could go to; a senior housing facility in Lindsay.

The funding requires that the money go towards a project that will develop or rehabilitate low-income housing. Mt. Whitney Place in Lindsay needs to be rehabilitated, and as it just so happens, the facility fits the requirements to receive help from the PLHA grant. According to Self-Help, Mt. Whitney Place has 29 units of affordable rental housing for seniors.

Farmersville’s Los Arroyos is expected to have 108 units comprising a variety of one, two and three-bedroom apartments.

Specifically, this housing project is intended for families and seniors on fixed incomes and households that are at-risk of homelessness. Included in the project will be a host of services including: an afterschool program, financial literacy and homeownership counseling, and a variety of health and wellness activities.

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