Lindsay’s clock tower to make a “chiming” comeback

Lindsay’s City Hall clock tower in Lindsay, Ca.(Rigo Moran)

Lindsay City Council approves to install a new chime system at the city hall clock tower to continue revitalizing city’s downtown chapter

LINSDAY – Lindsay City Hall’s clock tower is getting a high-tech makeover with a brand-new electronic bell system that promises to ring in the holidays as well as the city’s revitalization efforts with a symphony of chimes and festive tunes.

After being out of order for nearly two decades, the clock tower at city hall is being equipped with a new electronic bell system that will ring throughout town. It cost the city around $1,000 to fix the clock recently, and soon the new bell system will be installed as well.

“I think it’s a great idea. … I can only imagine how we can use it around the holidays,” Mayor Hipolito Cerros said at the Oct. 10 meeting. “I think when you look at the benefits from it, people will appreciate it.”

The new chime system going into the clock tower costs around $7,600, and will have endless chime and music options that the city staff can easily program from their computers.

“We opted for the more high-end option which has all the bells and whistles so you can program the music and the bells with all kinds of options,” Tanner said in an interview with The Sun Gazette.

It is estimated that the project will cost around $10,000 including speakers, equipment, installation and fixing up the clock tower so that it is functional.

Mayor Pro-tem Yolanda Flores said she liked the idea but raised concerns about the cost of the project even though it is a one-time expense. However, Mayor Cerros seemed excited by the project and stated he thought the chimes would help with the council’s ongoing effort to revitalize the city. The other council members agreed that the chimes would be a nice addition to the city of Lindsay.

After discussing the project Flores asked the audience members how many of them would like the new chimes. Many of the audience members raised their hands for the new chimes and so the council voted 3-0 to approve the installation of the new chimes, with Councilmembers Ramona Caudillo and Ramiro Serna absent from the meeting.

Tanner said the city hopes to have the new bell system installed and play music before the Christmas events this year. The new system is supposed to be delivered within six to eight weeks and will require an additional two weeks for installation.

“It always bugged me that it didn’t work,” Tanner said. “I’m hoping we can get it by Santa night, or even the Christmas tree lighting so we can have Christmas music playing.”

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