Farmersville highers dispensary renewal fees

(Rigo Moran)

Farmersville City Council votes to increase dispensary renewal registration fees by approximately $2,000 to cover the cost rates of consultant fees

FARMERSVILLE – City council has opted to make up increased consultant costs for the city’s dispensaries by charging the businesses a higher renewal fee starting in November.

The city of Farmersville has increased the renewal of commercial registration fees for its local dispensaries at its city council meeting on Oct. 23, which went into effect immediately. This was done to make up for increased cost of utilizing the services of its consultant, HDL Companies.

HDL had increased their fees to perform these services, so we needed to increase the fee for the dispensaries so we can recover 100% of that cost,” Farmersville city manager Jennifer Gomez said in an emailed statement.

The city uses HDL Companies as an independent contractor to do inspections and audits of dispensaries to ensure the facilities are in compliance with state regulations. HDL also ensures the businesses are reporting the correct taxes that they collect for the city.

According to the city’s staff report, before this change, the annual renewal of commercial registration fee for Farmersville’s dispensaries was set at $10,000. At the meeting, council voted to increase the fees to $12,200.

This change was made to cover the $12,000 that it now costs the city to use the consultant services of HDL. The additional increase of the $200is  to cover the cost of the estimated time that it takes city staff to complete the renewal process, as well as meet with the consultant.

With these increased fees, the funds will go towards making sure the city’s relationship with the two dispensaries in Farmersville, Valley Pure and Token Farms, are in compliance with state regulations. That way, the businesses can continue to operate and offer their services in the community of Farmersville without hitting any snags at the state level.

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