Primary dates for voters among looming 2024 election year

The Tulare County Elections Office stated to the Board of Supervisors last week that they will host four days of in person voting at designated polling places throughout the county from Oct. 31 through Nov. 3. This is in addition to the vote-by-mail voting.(Reggie Ellis)

Key deadlines are coming up in February ahead of the 2024 March Primary; some races begin to take shape for House of Representatives

FRESNO, TULARE COUNTIES – Voters in Fresno and Tulare Counties will begin to wade through the 2024 election waters in a few months beginning with the March 5 primary. They will vote on some state and national races while waiting to vote for strictly local races next November.

Below are some key dates and races to note as the presidential election year looms.


In Fresno County, vote-by-mail ballots will be mailed out from Feb. 5 through Feb. 27, 2024. Ballot drop boxes open on Feb. 6., and Feb. 19 is the final day to register to vote. The conditional voter registration period lasts from Feb. 20 to March 5.

On Feb. 24, eleven-day vote centers open. Feb. 27 is the last day to request a vote-by-mail ballot. On March 2, four-day vote centers open. All vote-by-mail ballots must be postmarked no later than March 5 and must be received by county officials by March 12.

In Tulare County, Feb. 19 is the final day to register to vote. Registration cards must be received in the Elections Office or postmarked by the 19th. Vote-by-mail ballots go out on Feb. 5; Feb. 27 is the last day to request a vote-by-mail ballot. Ballot drop boxes open Feb. 6.

The conditional voter registration period lasts from Feb. 20 to March 5. All vote-by-mail ballots must be postmarked no later than March 5 and must be received by county officials by March 12.


The Fresno County Board of Supervisors has three seats up for re-election. Steve Brandau (District 2), Sal Quintero (District 3) and Nathan Magsig (District 5) have terms ending Jan. 6, 2025.

In an email, James A. Kus, County Clerk/Registrar of Voters for Fresno County, said, “If a candidate gets 50% +1 vote in the March 2024 voting, that candidate will be declared the winner and that contest will not move forward to the November ballot. If no candidate gets 50% +1 vote, then the top two vote getters in that race will move forward to the November ballot.”

In Tulare County, Larry Micari (District 1), Pete Vander Poel (District 2) and Amy Shuklian (District 3), have terms ending Jan. 6, 2025.


Five California Assembly members have terms ending Dec. 2, 2024. Republican Jim Patterson (District 8), Democrat Esmeraldo Soria (District 27), Democrat Dr. Joaquin Arambula (District 31), Republican Vince Fong (District 32) and Republican Devon Mathis (District 33) are expected to declare their intentions to run for re-election.

To date, only Fong’s office confirmed he is running for re-election.


2024 is an election year for the House of Representatives. There are five local Congressional districts in play on the March ballot. Republican David G. Valadao (CA-District 22) will run for reelection against Republican Chris Mathys and against Democrats Ruday Salas and State Senator Melissa Hurtado. Valadao’s district reaches as high as Handford and captures an eastern swath of Bakersfield while representing Porterville, Delano, Wasco, Shafter and Kettleman City.

Republican Tom McClintock (CA-District 5) is running against Democrats Mike Barkley and Jason Kassel. McClintock’s district covers a large part of northern Central Valley and parts of north Fresno.

Republican John Duarte (CA-District 13) will defend his seat against Republican Diego Martinez and against Democrats Phil Arballo, Brad Boyd, Adam Gray and Angelina Sigala. Duarte’s district covers west Fresno and large parts of the western part of the Valley including Los Banos and a stretch of the I-5.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) is pitted against Republicans Nathaniel Bruce and Matthew Piatt, Independent Ben Dewell, and Democrats Johnathon Burrows and Andy Morales for the 20th Congressional District seat. McCarthy’s district covers parts of Porterville, Visalia, Tulare and parts east and west of Bakersfield

Democrat Jim Costa (CA-District 21) will square off against Republican challenger Michael Maher. Costa’s district covers the southwest portion of Fresno at its top and then comes down as far as Exeter, covering Kingsburg, Dinuba, Selma and Reedley in between.


The Fresno Board of Supervisors submitted Measure E for the March 5 ballot. The measure is a county sales tax that will benefit Fresno State. The 0.25 sales tax will be collected over a 25-year period and is expected to generate $63 million each year and $1.6 billion total. Over 84% of the revenue will go towards improving academic facilities. The remaining revenue will go towards athletics.

The board is also preparing two amendments to the county charter. The Times previously reported on both amendments. If passed by voters, the first amendment will give the board authority over the naming of geographic locations in unincorporated areas of Fresno County.

The second charter amendment, If passed, would establish election dates for the district attorney and sheriff in gubernatorial and non-presidential election years.


California voters passed the Mental Health Services Act in 2004, which was funded by a 1% tax on personal income in excess of $1 million per year.

If passed, Proposition 1 will change the name of the act to the Behavioral Health Services Act. The revised act will include provisions that address substance use disorders. Revisions to the act will require that 30% of the Behavioral Health Services Fund be allocated for housing. Lastly, the revised act will authorize nearly $6.4 billion in bonds to fund homeless housing and to provide treatment for veterans who have mental health or substance use disorders.

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