Farmersville readies to add sign to Hwy 198 off-ramp

(Rigo Moran)

Farmersville wraps up on designs for a new city sign coming to the off-ramp of Highway 198, which is meant to greet incoming drivers and represent the city’s community

FARMERSVILLE – The city is lighting the path into Farmersville with a new backlit sign, designed with a concept of local touches to reflect the town’s charm to visitors as they make their way in off of Highway 198.

Farmersville is getting a new sign as well as some updated landscaping near Highway 198 off-ramp to welcome drivers who are entering the city. The city engineers recently finished designs with the city in late October to decide the best way to reflect the town through the signage, and are now working on getting the contractors involved.

“We did surveys with the residents at a couple of our community events before we applied for the grant, to see what type of features they think of most in our area,” City Manager Jennnifer Gomez said. “We tallied up what people liked and decided to incorporate oranges, cotton and grapes (into the sign).”

According to concept art of the signage, the sign is looking to be a 4-foot retaining wall that holds metal lettering spelling out “Farmersville.” It will also include metal art installation features depicting oranges, cotton and grapes to capture the “personality” of the town, as it was described by its local residents.

Behind the letters will be semi-transparent blue glass rock that has solar-powered lights shining through them at night, that way the sign is readable at all hours of the day. Under the lettering will be a smaller retaining wall that will have metal letters reading “Strong Roots” and “Growing Possibilities.”

The front half of the retaining walls will be surrounded by rows of drought-tolerant plants and raised beds of tan rock mulch to look like rows of crops. Separating the rows will be lines of blue/gray granite to represent irrigation systems and natural waterways. As for the back half of the retaining walls, those will have evergreen trees as well as trees native to the Sierra Foothills to represent the mountains.

According to Gomez, for the off-ramp that provides an exit to leave town and merge onto the highway won’t have as much done to it since the California Department of Transportation, known more commonly as Caltrans, needs more access to that land.

“The other side (the ramp leaving Farmersville), is going to be just a lot of colored gravel and one sign that says Farmersville,” Gomez said. ”Our biggest focus is on the other side for people coming in.”

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