Exeter Unified quashes rumors of AP class cancellation

(Rigo Moran)

School district assures Advanced Placement courses remain available for students at Exeter High School in response to rumors of AP class discontinuation

EXETER – Dispelling the fog of rumors circulating around town, Exeter Unified School District has debunked murmurs of the discontinuation of AP courses at Exeter High and affirmed its commitment to not only offering students Advanced Placement classes, but dual enrollment education as well.

Exeter Unified School District (EUSD) Deputy Superintendent Melanie Dorough confirmed the high school is not cutting AP courses and remains committed to offering both AP and dual enrollment classes. She even noted that students are currently actively enrolling in AP classes for the upcoming school year.

“I do know that at our last board meeting, a parent came sharing concerns about not offering AP courses,” Dorough said. “I know for a fact that juniors, who are gonna be seniors next year, did sign up for those AP courses; so we will be offering AP courses.”

AP classes are rigorous, college-level courses that high school students have the option to take to get the jump on college-level education. Even further, some college programs will count these courses for college credits if students receive high scores on testing. The completion of AP classes can also help students get into certain programs that they might not have been considered for.

Dorough noted however the community might have been confused about AP courses being cut from EUSD schools because of a dual enrollment class that replaced an AP class. She recalled a time in which not enough students applied for AP English because of the draw of dual enrollment English, which allows students the opportunity to obtain college credit early by taking college courses and obtaining credits while still enrolled in high school.

Dorough also noted the high school is offering more of those dual enrollment courses this year.

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