Lindsay presents waves of thanks to Supervisor Micari

Larry Micari being presented with a certificate of thanks by Lindsay City Council during a meeting on March 12.(Kenny Goodman)

City council expresses gratitude towards County Supervisor Larry Micari for his recovery efforts made during the storm flooding last year

LINDSAY – Recently, city council presented tides of thanks to Supervisor Larry Micari for his part in helping the city stay afloat during the storm flooding of March 2023, and even gifted him a certificate to commemorate his contributions.

On March 12, Lindsay City Council recognized the efforts of County Chairman Micari for his part in Lindsay’s flood recovery last year. Micari was presented with a certificate, which was read by Mayor Pro Tem Ramiro Serna. Micari expressed his gratitude at the Tulare County Board of Supervisors meeting on March 19, noting the recognition as one of the week’s highlights.

“I really am honored and humbled by the way I received a proclamation from the (Lindsay City Council) for my involvement in the March floods,” Micari said.

Micari went on to explain it actually came as a surprise to him that he was being recognized for his efforts. He said the council asked him to attend the March 12 meeting, and upon attending, he realized he was being acknowledged that night.

“(Larry Micari) has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the welfare of the city of Lindsay through his dedicated service and…support during the March 2023 storms,” Serna said during the city council meeting. “We wish to formally acknowledge his contributions.”

Serna continued by explaining that Micari helped the community bounce back from the flooding by offering resources to the community for their recovery. Special resources that were noted at the meeting included letting the city use his personal drone for aerial assessment of debris that was surrounding Lewis Creek, as well as providing his personal drone for debris removal.

“I (Ramiro Serna) express my profound gratitude for Tulare County Supervisor Micari for his commitment and continued support of the Lindsay community,” Serna said.

Micari said a few words at the city council meeting and explained the work he did for Lindsay’s flood recovery, from his eyes, is part of the promises he made during his first campaign, which is to make bettering local communities his full-time job.

“This is amazing. It’s an honor and I really appreciate your support, and I will continue to work for Lindsay in my endeavors,” Micari said.

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