Tulare museum spotlights Portuguese culture

(Rigo Moran)

The Tulare Historical Museum hosts exhibit to honor Portuguese Heritage and promote a cultural understanding in the community

TULARE – The Tulare Historical Museum is celebrating Portuguese Heritage with a vibrant tapestry of cultural artifacts of the Portuguese people to nurture cultural understanding within the community.

The Tulare Historical Museum is hosting a free exhibit to honor Portuguese Heritage this month from Thursday, April 4, through Saturday, May 4 to showcase the faith and culture of Portuguese communities. The exhibit will be held in the Depot Room at the museum. The reception for the event will be held April 4, from 5-7 p.m. in the Heritage Gallery.

“We are so pleased to be able to provide our community with beautiful art and education on the heritage represented in the City of Tulare,” The Tulare Historical Museum said via press release.

According to Patty Rocha from the Tulare Historical Museum, the exhibit will spotlight the different cultural events that Portuguese cultures celebrate throughout the year as well as display cultural artifacts from the Azores Islands.

“Every year we have a Hispanic cultural (exhibit). We just finished with our Black History Month (exhibit) and now we’re doing the Portuguese heritage (exhibit),” Rocha said.

The museum tries to focus its exhibits on the various different cultures within the county to give community members and students the ability to learn about what cultures are a part of their environment.

“We do it for the basis of education. We have all of our third-grade classes in Tulare city schools taken into these exhibits and told about that culture and what they mean to the city of Tulare and the community,” Rocha said.

She continued, “We’re going to be able to add our Dutch community to that because we have a lot of Dutch (residents) that have moved into the area in recent years.”

Founded in 1985, the Tulare Historical Museum’s exhibits showcase Tulare’s unique history including the Yokuts tribe, the area’s first inhabitants and Tulare’s founding by the Southern Pacific Railroad. Guests will walk through a curated art gallery that features local artists’ interpretations of Tulare’s founding.

In addition to offering guided tours of these exhibits, the museum has a scheduled calendar of events with temporary art, historical, cultural and holiday exhibits on view in its Heritage Art Gallery and Depot Gallery. For more event information, visit tularehistoricalmuseum.org/events.

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