Los Arroyos takes root in Farmersville

Los Arroyos resident, Rojelio Alonso, cuts the ribbon to celebrate the opening of Los Arroyos in Farmersville. (Kenny Goodman)

Farmersville community celebrates the grand opening of Los Arroyos, an affordable housing complex for low-income residents and farmworkers

FARMERSVILLE – The seeds of Farmersville’s first low-income housing project have officially emerged in the form of Los Arroyos, an affordable housing complex that seeks to provide permanent affordable rental housing options for residents who need it.

On April 4, the community of Farmersville gathered off East Walnut Avenue to celebrate the official opening of the Los Arroyos low income housing apartments. Farmersville residents, city staff, Mayor Tina Hernandez, County Supervisor Larry Micari and a representative from Congressman Costa’s office were all in attendance at the ribbon cutting to celebrate the project.

“This is our first rental housing effort here in the city,” Tom Collishaw, President and CEO of Self-Help Enterprises said. “It’s also special because we count Farmersville as one of our most enduring relationships, and a place we can always count on to share the goals of providing better housing opportunities for its citizens.”

Collishaw explained that the long-time project broke ground about two years ago. The housing complex is offering 108 units of affordable rental housing, providing a safe place for low-income residents and farmworkers who are seeking a stable living environment.

The apartments range in price from less than $450 a month to just over $1,000 a month. They also come with rental assistance available for over half of the households, which requires them to pay only 30% of their income for their rent.

“These units do more than provide shelter to an individual or family. They also bring a sense of hope to those with a limited financial budget,” Mayor Hernandez said. “We often take for granted the little things that are huge for others, like an AC unit in the summer and heating in the winter, or simply a decent place to call home.”

Through speeches and interviews, community leaders and elected officials underscored the impact of Los Arroyos on Farmersville, emphasizing its role in fostering a thriving, inclusive community. Over half of the residents of Los Arroyos are essential farmworkers in the area, to make sure those who help grow food have a safe place to live.

“It’s great to partner with Self Help Enterprises, we do everything we can to continue to work with them and we will continue to work with them,” Supervisor Micari said. “Because this is the result, it’s these beautiful homes that we have, and (with them) we can provide housing for our residents.”

One resident named Rojelio explained the type of impact the apartments have already made in his life.

Los Arroyos Farmersville's new affordable housing community located at 135 E Walnut Ave. (Kenny Goodman)

“It’s a blessing to be living in this complex, in these apartments, because the management team, they’re good to us,” Rojelio said. “If it wasn’t for them, who knows where we would be right now.”

Rojelio explained that most low income people can’t afford a place of their own because of how high the cost of living is, noting that a one bedroom apartment can be $1,000.

He also stated the apartments have everything a resident would need because the living units are already equipped with appliances such as washers and dryers.

The project is beyond mere shelter, since it is pedestrian-friendly by being within walking distance to town and having bike lanes, according to the event announcement. Additionally, it noted the apartments have a vanpool program in partnership with the California Vanpool Authority, ensuring accessibility and convenience for its residents.

Representatives from Congressman Costa’s office, Assemblyman Devon Mathis’ office as well as Chairman Micari presented certificates of appreciation to Collishaw to recognize all of the work Self-Help has done for the community.

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