Evolutions Plaza shines bright with solar investment

(Rigo Moran)

Tulare Local Healthcare District completes a solar energy project at Evolutions Plaza, secures sustainable energy and cost savings for the future

TULARE – The Tulare Local Healthcare District is beaming with pride after announcing the successful completion of a solar energy project at Evolutions Plaza, ensuring a bright future with sustainable energy.

In a significant stride towards sustainability, the Tulare Local Healthcare District unveiled the completion of its solar energy project at Evolutions Plaza in Tulare. According to the news release on the matter, this project will usher in a new era of clean energy provision to support the operations of Evolutions Fitness and Wellness Center.

“This investment secures a sustainable energy source for the future while also unlocking significant cost efficiencies for the district,” board president Kevin Northcraft said via release.

With an electrical capacity of 515.2 kilowatts and an investment totaling $3 million, the project is poised to deliver considerable savings for the district in the years to come.

To commemorate the achievement, a ribbon-cutting ceremony – facilitated by the Tulare Chamber of Commerce – was held on April 18, marking the official completion of the project and celebrating its potential impact on the community’s energy landscape.

“This project represents a valuable asset that will yield dividends for both the district and Evolutions in the long run,” board vice president Michael Jamaica, said via release.

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