Tulare gets ready for Zumwalt amphitheater debut

(Rigo Moran)

Spade Entertainment readies to set the stage for the debut of the newly renovated amphitheater in Zumwalt Park, plans to finish renovations on Oct. 24

TULARE – Spade Entertainment is hoping to strike a chord with Tulare as they schedule the opening of the new amphitheater at Zumwalt Park.

Renovations of a new amphitheater in Zumwalt Park are set to finish up on Oct. 24, right before it hosts Spade Entertainment’s first show on Oct. 26. According to Todd Speelman, the owner and lead productor of Spade Entertainment, the downtown amphitheater will hold up to 6,000 people and provide a playground and splash pad for kids.

“It will really revitalize not only downtown, but drive a lot of traffic to businesses,” Speelman said.

Speelman said they already have quite a few events booked for the amphitheater. The first event will have multiple artists; however, since there have been no official announcements on the event as of current, tickets are not on sale for it just yet.

Still, when the time comes, he said tickets for all events will be available online at spadeentertainment.com/concerts.

Speelman went on to explain that the venue is expected to bring a variety of different performances, generating extra revenue and interest for the city of Tulare. He continued by saying that the business model for the amphitheater has already proven to be profitable in the other cities they have tried it in.

“(We were successful) in Sacramento at a couple of city-owned event centers, where we brought in people from hundreds of different cities,” Speelman said. “(We) have been able to route in good talent to the venue.”

He continued to explain that he is confident in the project because he knew the city of Tulare would build the amphitheater properly. He said his past projects that he has worked on with City Manager Marc Mondell turned out to be successful.

According to a past interview with Speelman, Spade Entertainment has experience in the industry, so when it worked with the city of Tulare on the project’s plans, it ensured the amphitheater had everything it needed. In the city’s contract with Spade Entertainment, they are set to book 12-15 shows each year.

He said that number should be met with ease, as they plan to hold a multitude of other events in addition to what is contracted.

“When I say it’s a world class venue, it is a world class venue, I mean, we can fit 6,000 people there,” Speelman said in October of  2023. “The artists are excited…management’s excited.”

The previous reports projected the total cost for the project will be around $12.6 million. The design for the park was approved in June 2022. There were multiple funding sources for this project including: $5 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), $5 million from Parks DIF Funds and $5.1 million from the general fund for Capital Improvement projects.

Following the first event, other happenings include “Buckcherry w/Living Colour,” “Lou Gramm – The Original Voice of Foreigner” and “RAD MUSIC FEST.” Even further, Speelman said Spade Entertainment will have a giveaway for two VIP tickets for RAD MUSIC FEST. More details regarding the giveaway are available on Spade Entertainment’s social media pages.

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